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Root Issues restoring contacts with titanium...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Idunno, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Idunno

    Idunno Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone had issues restoring contacts with titanium?

    My issue is it restores a select few contacts and none of the other ones. I even backed up contacts twice just to be sure, and even after multiple restores/resets only 14 out of 200+ contacts show up.

    How can I make it work, or is it an issue with liberty?


  2. Bankswood

    Bankswood Android Expert

    Are you using Google for your contacts? They should restore when you sign in to your Google account. I've tried a half dozen roms and never had a problem getting all my contacts restored. Never used Titanium to back up contacts.
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  3. xliderider

    xliderider Android Expert

    Why aren't your contacts on the Google cloud? If they are, then they would sync automatically after you sign in to your Google account.
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  4. gmenfan83

    gmenfan83 Android Expert

    Your contacts should restore once you sign in to your google account .....go to settings>accounts and make sure sync is on for your google account in all 3 options
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  5. Idunno

    Idunno Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Awesome thanks everyone... why they aren't sync'd with google i don't know (my friend refuses to have sync on). I'll just have him sync with google and we'll get it squared away.
  6. firebirdude

    firebirdude Member

    I've had my Gmail account synced and a lot of my existing Gmail contacts came over to my phone. But on the flip side of this, I haven't noticed the phone numbers I have in my phone go into my Gmail account. If I log into my Gmail account on my PC, I can't find where they are stored. Even contacts that I already had in Gmail from sending them emails and such.... they don't have a phone number now listed. :(

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