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Issues since I flashed to JH2, please help me!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ckyllr, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Please someone help me figure out why I having problems after flashing to JH2. My battery life and Quadrant scores took a dump after this... last night I was at 100% and woke up to 22% 6 hours later. WTF? I did check what was running and it seems like ADW launcher was consuming a lot of CPU during that time like 4 hours or so. My 900 Quadrant score is also now at 700 or so.

    Here's all the steps I did to get JH2 working and see if I did anything wrong in the process:

    1) Root my phone to be able to install ROM manager/Clockwork Recovery
    2) Backup up my phone using the ROM manager
    3) Use XDA method to flash my stock JF6 to JH2 using odin3
    4) Installed/flashed "Unleash the Beast V0.2"
    5) Installed ADW launcher over Touchwiz
    6) Installed couple of apps from the market
    7) Flashed [MOD]Fightspit's Super Circle Battery with % JH2 version C with EBB

    That's all I did and now I have problems with battery and phone is slower than before.

    Someone must have done that same thing and have the same issues that I do.

    Update: I did restore my old backup and things are back to normal I think but under Baseband version it still list JH2 for some reason but I know it's not since I have USB tethering back.

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