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Any issues post 4.2.2 post here for discussion.

Please add the carrier and if you were rooted or not (you had better NOT have attempted this update if you were rooted! :) ).
Hi, I have recently updated my HTC One 4.2.2 but since doing so my gallery doesn't open up in the sense gallery but just straight into albums so no highlights, previews etc. Has one anyone else had this or is it an option I may be missing? Thanks!

Not rooted and its o2 (UK) carrier!


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Hi, I have recently updated my HTC One 4.2.2 but since doing so my gallery doesn't open up in the sense gallery but just straight into albums so no highlights, previews etc. Has one anyone else had this or is it an option I may be missing? Thanks!

Not rooted and its o2 (UK) carrier!

I saw this as a good thing!!! No more album full of Facebook junk.

Only complaint for me is that the Google Keyboard no longer works. I hate the HTC keyboard and could never get on with SwiftKey.

SIM free but on O2 UK


Hey. I've definitely had my roaming option turned off in my settings, but my phone keeps going into roaming mode. I'm on Three UK. This has happened recently when being in North Wales, and I'm thinking my phone has been picking up signal from Ireland.

Is there a software glitch anybody knows about that causes roaming to happen even when the setting is off. I have a 30 pound bill coming soon because of roaming. Surely this isn't my fault, and I shouldn't have to pay it.


Recently upgraded to 4.2.2. Dunno if that helps?


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Hi Rob,

You can turn off data roaming in the settings, so if that hasn't worked then you do have a bug. But if it's voice calls or texts, I'm not aware of any phone setting to disable that - you control that by speaking to your network to get it enabled or disabled.

However, since you'd not expect to be doing international roaming without being abroad, it's probably worth arguing with Three anyway.


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So i have just got my HTC one today and i have been moving all my stuff from my galaxy nexus over to my new phone and i have just updated to 4.2.2 and now when i receive messeges it take about 20 seconds before the messege shows up on my screen. does anyone know how to fix this or knows what could be causeing it ?


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When you say "20 seconds before the message shows up on my screen", what precisely do you mean? That you get the notification but it's 20 seconds for a pop-up to appear, or that it takes 20 seconds for the message app to open, or...?

Hard to say more without knowing precisely the symptom, but my first thought is to ask what messaging app you are using, and whether you are using anything else that might affect this (lockscreen apps, SMS popup apps, other messaging apps, security apps which respond to SMS commands)? And is it any particular type of message (e.g. stuff sent as MMS rather than SMS)?

If we can't work it out it might be worth backing up your data and doing a factory reset, because over the air updates can sometimes cause odd things. If rooted, try erasing cache and dalvik and see whether it improves.


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So I have just got my HTC One today and I have been moving all my stuff from my Galaxy Nexus over to my new phone and I have just updated to 4.2.2 and now when I receive messeges it take about 20 seconds before the messege shows up on my screen. Does anyone know how to fix this or knows what could be causeing it ?

If you imported ALL your messages from your Nexus and you are using the stock HTC Messaging application that is probably the source of the delay. When there gets to be thousands of messages it causes the application to slow down significantly when you open a thread of messages. It can also slow down the typing of letters.

Occasionally in the past, when updating the system software, the Messages application has become bogged down in the process of moving the stored messages (especially large quantities, but even with only few) from the old system to the new system. It can cause a similar bog down as when you have too many messages.

Inside the Messaging application within the menu there is a great option for backing up and restoring messages. You can try making a backup, deleting ALL the current messages. clearing the Messaging application cache, reboot the device, and re-import them into Messaging. If the system is still slow, consider keeping the backup saved to MicroSD or your email/computer if you want to keep your current messages and start with a fresh slate.
No root
Orange UK

Prior to the update WiFi liked to turn itself off.. the WiFi logo shows it's still connected and that but just didn't work.

After the 4.2.2 update.. same thing.


My screen remains dark sometimes when an incoming call comes in, very annoying and not easy to see who's calling in sunlight anymore. This happened after the update. I also now inadvertently open Google search by somehow lingering my finger on the screen upon unlocking the device via pattern code! Very annoying! Help if you can. Thanks.


I've found the AUTOMATIC BRIGHTNESS setting to be way too dark on all of my devices, past & present (about 10 & counting)., including HTC, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA, LG & HUAWEI.

As for the other issues, I only have one suggestion, which may also cure the previous non-existent dark screen:

Perform a FACTORY RESET, especially after software/firmware updates. For reasons beyond my scope of comprehension,a reset cures a lot of these out-of-nowhere issues.

Just yesterday, I had to do this on my SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8, as it wouldn't load ADOBE FLASH, for no explicable reason. The permissions for side-loaded apps was granted, yet it still rejected the installation.

Just one of countless examples of a FACTORY RESET correcting a problem.

Take care to back up any locally stored data (on-phone) such as contacts, pix, music, media, etc.... to an external source, such as your PC, or, cloud-based services such as DROPBOX/GOOGLE DRIVE, etc.......


I seem to have some slight annoying stuttering in games. Not just graphically demanding games but 2d games too. For example, Vector and Hill Climb Racing both have some microstuttering. There's no excuse for a as powerful as this to have such an issue. Maybe there's a simple fix? Also, I checked the games on my 2012 version of Nexus 7 and they are definitely smoother there. What gives? I love the phone but this is just ridiculous.

Oh and the device is unrooted and has the 4.2.2 update.

EDIT: Since my thread was merged with this one I'd like to point out that I have no clue whether this problem has anything to do with the 4.2.2 update as I just got the phone and I have no experience with 4.1.2.


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thank you very much just as i thought :D
Let me just add that if you have any interest in S-Off, you should do that before accepting the 4.2.2 update (if you do take it rather than just load a 4.2.2 based custom ROM instead, which is probably the better way if you are rooted). The 4.2.2 update also updates the hboot to a version which is incompatible with current S-Off tools.


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since you have 4.2.2 this thread discusses issue with that update.

if you are seeing this across virtually ANY game you are playing, its possible the phone is just not designed for the games you are playing.

things you can do on your on to troubleshoot:

1. factory reset and install one game and see if it behaves better
2. cast a wider net and try games from other devs that have different hardware requirements.
3. email the dev of the apps in question and ask if their games are fully compatible with the phone
4. head to a game app forum that discusses those games and ask others who use those games
5. root and install a custom rom that handles gaming better
6. return the phone.

...I just got the phone and I have no experience with 4.1.2.


Yeah, thanks! After some closer inspection and comparison I think this might actually be the typical Android stuttering that one encounters in some games. They are somehow a bit more noticeable on the HTC One though I think. I'm very sensitive to sluggsishness.

PS. In case of Vector, which did indeed have really annoying suttering, restarting the phone seemed to help. Somehow never thought of that before.


I download an official udapte to the phone via the software udaptes.
And my cellphone is not rooted.

My model is exactly this one :

So, my udapte failed ? Yes, i will need assistance.

When I connecting my HTC on my computer, it didn't recognize my cellphone :S


How long does it take to update ?

Because, my HTC is still on the "HTC quietly brillant" page since 50 minutes...

EDIT : I'm stuck on the HTC quietly brilliant windows .


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Hi Kevenle, and welcome to AF :)

I assume (from your post history) that you have a HTC One?

No, 50 minutes is too long. You did this update via the software updates menu, and your phone is unmodified (i.e. not rooted)? Just want to be sure we know the situation.


Try forcing a shutdown by pressing and holding the power button. I don't think you've got any other options.

See whether it will boot after that - probably not, but you never know. If not, reboot again but this time press and hold the volume down key when it starts to boot. That will get you to the bootloader screen. From there you have 2 options:

1) if you select recovery you can try wiping cache or doing a factory reset. If the problem is incompatible or corrupt data this should fix it. I've never used the stock recovery on the One (I'm rooted and use a custom recovery), but generally with HTC recovery you need to press some combination of power and volume keys to bring up the menu when you are in the recovery screen (typically black with a red triangle).

2) if it's the actual system software that is corrupt you should be able to re-flash the phone using a ROM Update Utility package. To run this you need to download the package to a PC, put the phone in fastboot mode (select this from the bootloader menu), connect to PC and run the RUU (a Windows .exe) on the PC.

The trick is to find the right RUU for your phone. I'm typing this on my phone on my way to work, so can't easily search for one at the moment, but maybe someone else will have a suggestion.

In the worst case, since you've done nothing and an official update did this, it's covered by warranty and you can just get it fixed by a service centre (which will just reflash it as described). It's just quicker if you can fix it yourself.


I tried the first option and it doesn't work. But I'm not sure about the second option.

How I find the right RUU and where i download it ?


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The RUU is the problem. It depends on your phone's "customer id" (cid) and current software version (because these things are not intended to downgrade the phone). And there aren't very many of them available at the moment.

My usual go-to place for RUUs is But their HTC One RUU collection is quite small - there's only one European RUU (an OTA isn't likely to help here), and I'm not even certain that will work with Virgin France, which if I'm correctly remembering things that were said before your posts were merged and edited I'm guessing is your network (please correct me if I'm wrong). There are two other collections linked in this XDA thread, but they are mostly the same RUUs (there's a second European one, but it's older so less likely to work). So I reckon that the best bet I can see is RUU_M7_UL_JB_50_HTC_Europe_1.28.401.7_Radio_4A.13.3231.27_10.31.1131.05_release_310878_signed.exe, but that may not work (also check the md5 code before running it, to make sure you have a good download).