Help Issues with file names on Photo transfer

Recently I got a Samsung Galaxy Ace as a christmas present, but it seems I am having an issue with the file names of all the photos I take with the camera. Whenever I connect to Kies to transfer files to my computer, it names all of the files by date. So say I took 5 photos on the same day, it will name them all "2012-12-28 23.20.49.jpg", so when I try and transfer a different photo, it will say it wants to over-write that image name. But for some reason it doesn't even do that, still showing up as the first photo I took on that day. All of these photos show up as different images on Kies it's self.

Also, I can't seem to find the containing folder where all the photos are stored by default. I can easily go through my phone galleries and it shows the photos gallery, but when I try and find the folder they are in to transfer files to newly created folders, it won't show any folders that contain these files.

So my two main questions are;
1: How do I transfer photo files to my computer and have them show up as different photos (since I can't find then to rename them while in Kies).
2: Where can I find the folder to the files containing these photos on my phone?

Thanks for any information you can provide!


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The pictures are in a folder named DCIM...inside there browse for them...if Kies is acting up on you, just use USB mass storage...I have abandoned Kies over a year ago...;)