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Issues with GPS mapping. 'Sometimes'.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by NeWcS, Jan 25, 2021.

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    So, ever since I moved to Montana(1.5yrs ago) I have had issues with my phones(s) and GPS maps. (Google Maps, Sygic, OSMand+, etc.)

    Now one's first assumption would be a hardware issue with the phone. However, this issue is seen with 2 different phones, 2 different ver. of Android. (8 & 10).

    I have cycled airplane mode, data, turned on/off high accuracy, cleared AGPS data and re-downloaded, checked and applied any updates, even factory reset phone.

    I have downloaded several apps to test gps and to see what satellites are in view. They'll see the satellites but won't connect, sometimes...

    ...I live in rural MT with very little obstruction while I have done testing/troubleshooting to get it to work.

    Now, the issue is only sometimes. Sometimes I can get in my truck and before I even get off my property, its locked onto 15-20 satellites. And will stay that way all the while I am out. Some days it won't lock onto a single sat. I can try over a drive of 20-30 miles and it'll never lock. I even bought a new phone recently and the problem happens with the new phone too.

    The only common I can find with the phones is they are both Androids(so an android problem) and they have both been used in Montana(I live in some floating, roaming black gps-hole that floats by on some days) :)

    I am pretty good with tech and following tutorials for trouble shooting and what-not but this has be stumped/pissed.
    I use by phone for GPS every time I leave the house. Its important I have it working. Any help would be great.
    Thanks everyone!

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