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Issues with ICS/What should I do?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rickyrazorwire, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. rickyrazorwire

    Thread Starter

    First of all, I'd like to start by saying that this is an awesome community and if it wasn't for you guys I'd probably be worse off than I am now. And if this is in the wrong place then feel free to move this around as you wish. But I've been reading this forum and i decided to register and make this post. Where do I start....

    I got a new S2 as my two year upgrade on the 6th of this month and LOVED it. The day I got it I stayed up all night setting it up, putting in contacts, messaging people with with Swype, putting music on my SD card, etc. Just playing with it. And I was pleasantly surprised that even with the heavy (i.e. constant) use that I got 12 hours of battery life. I charged it up and over the next few days I was getting 18 to 24 hours with medium/normal use. This was running on Gingerbread 2.3.6 and you can probably guess where this ia going.

    I got the 4.0.4 OTA update and like many of you, was having some serious problems. I watched my battery life LITERALLY draining right before my eyes while the phone wasnt doing anything. I checked the RAM usage and it had jumped from about 115 MB of processes to about 450. That day the battery only lasted 8 hours with light use. I was pissed. The only apps I had installed on the phone were twitter and a torrent app. Both of those weren't running but i had about 30 other processes running that everytime i would clear the data cache they would just start back up.

    That night I took the phone back to Radio Shack in hopes that they could roll me back to GB. All they did was factory reset me and I was still running ICS. But after the reset, the battery did get a LITTLE better. It lasted about 10 hours with heavy use, and around 18 to 20 with normal use. Not as good as GB but better. I decided that since I am still with my 30 day period that maybe I should switch the phone out for a new one but they were out of white ones and told me to come back Thursday when the shipment came in.

    Meanwhile, I came here looking for answers. I read about using Odin to flash the firmware back. Great, this should be easy! So I thought. My windows xp computer doesn't recognize the new MTP on 4.0.4 so no USB connection is possible. So I tried a battery calibration method I read about here. Basically a hard reset, but when i replaced the battery and started up, it was at only 95 percent and I watched it drop to 90 within minutes. Right back to how I was after the ICS update. My phone has died within 3 hours and is telling me to plug into the charger as i type this. My dads S2 (running GB) gets 24 to 36!

    So should I just get the new phone on Thursday and end this madness? I'm really lost here.

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  2. rickyrazorwire

    Thread Starter

    Also, i saw someone here say that certain Sprint repair centers will roll you back to GB. I called three around my area and they were of no help so that option is out of the question for me. And at this point given the circumatance I honestly just feel like I need to make them give me a new phone while its still their problem, before this 30 days runs out and it's my problem!
  3. yscty

    yscty Newbie

    The Sprint Repair Center Typically Will Not Be Able To Roll You Back To GB, You Must Go To The Sprint Corporate Store And They Will Be Able To Hook You Up!!!

    I Did This After My ICS Update And All The Repair Center Was Able To Do Was A Factory Reset. Although Even After The Corp Store Put GB Back On My S2 I Still Had Issues...........

    I Finally Called Sprint And Told Them I Didn't Have Time To Deal With This Crap And They Hooked Me Up With A New S2!

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