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Support Issues with mail, text, GPS, searching, and more...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scatterd, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Feb 26, 2010

    Feb 26, 2010
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    So my Hero is getting relatively old (only 5 months left on my 2-yr contract); I haven't gotten around to rooting it, but I'm highly considering just erasing everything and rooting it at this point. I looked through some other threads but this seems to be a special issue. My question is: will erasing everything help or is it a hardware issue? :thinking:

    I'm having issues with the following:

    - Receiving texts: sometimes I just won't receive them at all or I get them 3-4 hours later, despite the fact that I'm supposedly getting full service.

    - Phone calls: same issue; despite "full service" and having my ringer on full volume, my phone just doesn't ring and the call doesn't show up on my call history.

    - GPS: phone won't update location at all. With a restart, the problem is temporarily fixed but within an hour, the problem reappears.

    - E-mails: goes hours without relaying the fact that I've received an e-mail. The only way that the phone recognizes an e-mail is if WiFi is on and even then, I must go to Google with another computer before it realizes that it should check for messages. The issue is the same regardless of WiFi connection.

    - Search: after entering a search query, the phone continues to "search" with no results. Ever. I've let it go up to half an hour without anything. Turning on WiFi doesn't effect this issue. It doesn't matter if I search within Google Maps, Google Search engine, anything.

    - Voice-mail: messages are not downloaded without WiFi connection and only then periodically.

    I'm up to date with all software; again, I'm running stock, not rooted. Should I attempt a wipe or does it sound like a hardware problem?

    My phone is barely functioning as a brick right now... it's a miracle it hasn't be turned into a paperweight or a window killer.



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