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issues with MIUI email on a DInc

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adirobdack46r, Sep 1, 2011.

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    I have made several replies to a an older thread. No one is chiming in with their 2 cents so I think because it an an older thread no one is seeing or reading it. I'm starting this new thread so it will show higher on the list. Below I am pasting in one big post everything I've been saying on that old thread. Here we go...........

    I'm running MIUI on a DInc. I don't use hotmail or the like but I have pop mail through a domain I own through a huge provider (not sure if I'm supposed to name them). What I'm experiencing for instance is by hitting "load more mesaages" I'll have all emails from August to date being displayed and indicated as being read. Then without warning I'll get a bunch of new mail notifications when I open my email there are unread emails and they are emails from days/weeks ago from August. I believe they are ones that I had previously read not deleted. I too cannot find the setting sdrawkcab25 mentioned.

    I have never seen this problem before with any other Rom.

    I just switched over to this ROM a week ago, I absolutely love it, but this email thing is a little irritating.


    I still don't know how to fix it, but I have a theory on what might be happening.

    I installed K9 just to run paralel for conparison. I have K9 set up to display 250 messages. I have them all indicated as being read. The default for K9 was 25 messages (we'll get back to that)

    So I'm sitting here and my phone makes new mail noises. I look and MIUI mail shows 2 new unread emails, both dated 8/10. I look in K9 and it shows no new emails or any unread emails. Those two emails that MIUI shows as "new" even though they are old, are also listed in K9 but as read just like they should be.

    My suspicion is that MIUI defaults to showing 25 messages. Even though by selecting "load more messages" I had the entire month to date showing, when I went back in there only 25 were showing again. The bottom two were showing as unread. When I hit "load more" a bunch more old ones came in and all were shown as unread.

    So my theory is that at some unknown interval or timing MIUI mail defaults back to displaying 25 messages no matter how many you had shown the last time you were in it. If when it defaults to 25 it redisplays the first group of 25 that were displayed before minus any that may have been deleted. So in my case it showed 23 read ones, then tacked on 2 more as unread to bring it to 25. Apparently in there somewhere I may have deleted two. And again as I hit "load more" they all came in as unread even though they had been read previously by that appplication.

    I may be off my rocker, but I think I'm on to something. I just see no way of changing any settings to fix it.


    More information....

    I have two accounts in my MIUI mail. A pop and an exchange.

    In the exchange acct there is a setting "Amount to synchronize" and I have that set on "one month"

    No such setting option exists in the pop account.


    even more testing....

    I decided I'd try some trouble shooting and documenting.

    I looked in my MIUI and it showed what it showed during my last post. A bunch of mail, new and old because I had hit "load more" a few times.

    I rebooted, when it came up it showed 22 messages all read and dated from 8/27-8/10. I deleted 10 of them leaving 12, now the range went from 8/27-8/13.


    Then it showed those same 12 remaining messages.

    From what I could tell, right on 15 minutes later I got a new mail notification. Looked and it now showed 13 messages. The 12 read ones and 1 "new" old one dated 8/10 which had previously been read by this app a number of times before.

    Deleted that "new" old 1.

    Right on 15 minutes later got a new mail notification. Opned MIUI mail and it showed 13 again. The 12 old ones, and now another "new" old 1 dated 8/9 which had been read by this app many times before. When looking at all the mails on the server this was one was the next oldest in line.

    Did nothing but waited 15 more minutes. Nothing happened no new alerts.

    I've given a bunch of data. I wonder if anyone is actually reading this thread that might have a clue what is going on. It appears my 25 message theory was wrong seeing as it sits at 12 or 13 messages at times. Maybe it is a date range thing. Maybe it is set to hold a 15 day date range of emails by default unless you hit "load more" which then that only makes more display for a seemingly finite period of time or a reboot. Just like you can select different times to sync on my exchange acct and I have it selected at 1 month (30 days). Maybe the setting in MIUI for a pop acct is 15 days worth and it can't changed.

    I wish someone out there had an idea.

    Sounds like maybe the only way it would seem to be working right and not loading up previously read emails as "new" would be to never ever delete any of the emails from the MIUI app, or never ever have more than a 10 day supply of emails in the inbox sitting out on the server.

    I very much like this ROM. I'd hate to leave it just because of the email thing even though it is very annoying. Even though I have only been running it for a matter of a few hours, it seems K9 mail is working fine. Maybe in order to keep MIUI and all of its other great features I'll just delete the pop acct from the email app and use K9.

    Actually it seems I'm not thrilled with the MIUI email app at all. Within my exchange account I can't move emails. I also have another aftermarket email app installed that I'm trying out with my exchange (I know K9 works with exchange too but haven't configured that yet) In this other one I'm trying I can move emails from folder to folder like I'd like.

    Love the MIUI Rom but for the email part. Maybe I'll just have to live with aftermarket email apps to keep using MIUI and be happy with it.


    Another test. I once again pulled up an entire month's plus worth of emails in the pop acct in my MIUI email app. They ranged from 8/27 back in to middle July. They were all marked as read. I rebooted and went back in to that email. It only showed 13 emails ranging from 8/27-8/9.

    I deleted 7 of the emails.

    It has been over a half hour (two of what I believe to be 15 minute refresh cycles) and no "new" old mails have loaded.

    It seems to remeber what ones I have deleted from within that app because on the server there are more current ones than the 27th but I had deleted those from within the MIUI email app, and it doesn't seem to be pulling those back in or any others that it saw me delete.

    So I might now stuck on a 15 day belief. Now looking at the emails that are on the server vs the ones that are showing up in the MIUI email app because I've deleted ones from within there, there are no more sitting on the server that would fall in to a 15 day date range but for ones that I've already deleted from within the app so it is just sitting there not loading in any more "new" old emails.

    So I'm not a programmer and not sure what is going on but I have proven and verified some unfavorable activities of the MIUI email app and lended some therories. Wish I could change some settings to make it operate the way I would want it to but don't see any.


    K-9 has made me mad and is off my phone now too. I'm currently evaluating trial versions of two other paid email apps. They'll be worth the money if they can make me content. Two different ones because neither one handles my pop3 and exchange email to my liking. One seems to be doing POP3 well, and the other seems to be doing Exchange well.

    Hmmm, still is a bummer that I've never really complained much about the email functionality of any other Roms I have ran. I'm bummed that MIUI's email functionality does not operate the way I want or have settings I can change to make it so.

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