Help Issues with Myxcer App


Just got my Desire less than a week ago and love it! I have always used Myxcer for ringtones with my BB, but now the ringtowns just show up in the music app. How do I use them for ringtones? I'm still new to the Desire and am still figureing it out. Are there any other ringtone apps that you folks use, and like. I will admit I'm cheap and hate paying for apps or ringtones, free is great, but not a deal breaker. Thanks!


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To use a mp3 as a ringtone:

1. play mp3
2. select menu / Set as ringtone
3. select Trim the ringtone
4. select Start and End points (tune plays from the start point)
5. select Set As


Well-Known Member is awesome and free. I use it for all my ringtones. And mobila is available in the market. On mytinyphone I just use the iPhone option and it saves it right the SD card. Enjoy. I use for funny pics and screen savers also a free site. You can only save wav files for ringtones on fun for mobile thoo. I haven't paid for a ringtone ever lol. :)