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Issues with the Phone App

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by golder, Mar 16, 2010.

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    I have to say that the phone app has quite a few issues. Keep in mind most numbers I dial are of 11 digits - which are very hard to memorize straight away. There are some good things about the phone app like click&dialing a number in the browser/mail/whatever app, the smart dial tip function, handling a 2nd call, the green phone icon in the notifications bar, ringtones ring in both the earphone and phone speaker etc. Here's my list of problems with the phone app:

    1. It takes too long to get into Loudspeaker mode, pressing the menu button and seeing the menu are about 1-2 seconds apart.

    2. You cannot call a number that has been copied on clipboard, you cannot paste a number to call it (my biggest issue with the phone app)

    3. You cannot multitask with the phone app (e.g. trying to call a number the browser/mail/whatever program doesn't recognise as a number so you can't click and dial, so you open the phone app, type in the first three digits, go into the other app to see the full number, go back into the phone app to type the next few digits, you realise that the first three you typed in earlier has gone.)
    Or for another example, say you typed in a full phone number you found on a website but just want to check if the number is correct, you go into another app like mail/browser/whatever to verify it, go back into the phone app, the number will have disappeared.

    4. When you're in a call, pressing the trackball will end it (there is no need for this because there is already a call end button that does the same thing)

    5. When you click a contact to call them, it doesn't immediately go into the in call screen, it takes a second or two sometimes, this is too slow

    6. When receiving a call, my music player will stop playing, the trackball will light up like it's mad, which is fine but on the rare occasion it takes 5-10 seconds for the actual ringtone to start. It is basically inconsistent.

    7. Say you're in a phone call and someone is telling you a number to call, there is no easy way to note down this number somewhere, if you type it into the keypad whilst in a call, the number will disappear when you end the current call. On a Nokia, the number will stay there and you can call/message/save this number after ending the current call.

    8. There is no way to turn the screen off when in call other than to wait for it to do it automatically (~60 seconds i think)

    9. Say you typed in an eleven digit number and then realise the 5th number is wrong, you can't just go back and change only that number, you have to press backspace 6 times and type it all again

    10. If you type a number but not dial and leave it the screen will auto-turn off after a while (~60 seconds) or press the call end button to turn the screen off. When you slide to unlock, the number you typed in earlier will have disappeared

    11. In the phone app, if you slide through your contacts using the trackball and you stop on a contact, a contact will be highlighted in green, click on open keypad button, the number of the highlighted contact will appear and you can easily press 'Call'. If you press the backspace button (the leftward facing arrow) it gets rid of the whole number instead of just the last. Many organisations have multiple numbers, all of which will start with the same 8 numbers and then the last 3 numbers will be different so this is why I bring this up

    12. There is no scroll bar when scrolling in the phone app, or in the call history list

    Can anyone give a solution for any of my issues or correct me if any of my above information is wrong.

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