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Issues with touch screen sensitivity getting worse

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by heyhaymayj, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. heyhaymayj

    heyhaymayj Member
    Thread Starter

    I've been having these problems for a while with this phone. It sucks because I actually just bought this one this past July after my old phone got squashed and I couldn't replace the screen. I bought it used through eBay, and up until a month or two ago I have been having problems with what seems to be the touch screen's sensitivity. Over the last week, it has gotten increasingly worse. It will zoom in and out of web pages by itself. I can't type anything on the keyboard (only very slowly, if I am lucky) because the buttons aren't responding. The screen will turn black and only the soft keys will be lit up when I press the power button. I can hardly unlock the phone anymore without it pressing random numbers as I'm trying to type in my pass code. It will also send and type out long text messages of dots and commas. I have a cursor turned on, and the cursor will end up dashing around at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes the soft keys are entirely unresponsive. Rebooting doesn't fix the problem. It used to, but it no longer does. The issue is getting worse to the point that I can hardly even use my phone anymore. I'm not in the financial place to be buying another one right now, especially with Christmas approaching. The only time I will have the money to buy a new phone will be later on next year whenever my college loan refund gets sent to me. Is there ANYTHING I can do to help this problem until I can get a new phone? I cannot be out of a phone under any circumstance. It is not under warranty, so I can't send it to HTC or VM and have them either fix it or replace it. I'm rooted, S-off, and using CM 10

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  2. adamhos1234

    adamhos1234 Android Expert

    Try wiping dalvik and cache

    If nothing else, make a back up
    Do a full wipe and fresh flash, see if it helps
  3. AJSILVA1107

    AJSILVA1107 Lurker

    I finally found someone with same problem as me... I'm looking into it right now.
  4. heyhaymayj

    heyhaymayj Member
    Thread Starter

    UPDATE on my issues:

    I ran a complete wipe of the ROM, caches, dalvik, etc and reinstalled a backup. It seemed to help my previous issues for a little while, but then they started up again. However, now I dropped my phone on the floor in my bathroom about four days ago. Since then, I can barely use the bottom portion of the touch screen. In order to write a text message, I have to make a "new" text every time so that the keyboard will come up automatically. I can't install applications from the device itself, because it won't let me click the "accept" button. Sometimes the screen just totally *****es out. At times, it will black out and I can't get it back on without removing the battery. I think I mentioned this in my initial post, but ever since I dropped my phone these things have been reoccurring. I can not deal with this any longer and have bought a new phone which I should receive in about a week. I'd like to try to sell this one, but I doubt anyone will want to buy it with a malfunctioning touch screen. I will be attempting to restore it to stock in order to sell it. If that helps the touch screen problems, I will let you know.

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