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Issues with updated Facebook app

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BradHP, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. BradHP

    BradHP Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I turned my phone on right around 7AM this morning with 100% battery. Got the notice that an update was available for the Facebook app, installed that and did nothing else with my phone. Screen off and in my pocket.

    Got to work, next time I turned my screen on around 8:15 I saw that my battery was already at 81%! Checked status and my up time and awake time were the same.

    Only change I made was the Facebook app, so went to my accounts and synch settings. There were two FB listings in there, one normal and one for Sense. The Sense one had options to change synch, the plain FB didn't have any options to change.

    Deleted Facebook and everything is working fine now, phones going to sleep when it should. So looks like something is messed up with the Facebook app newest update.

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  2. kellte2

    kellte2 Member

    I noticed the same thing. Uptime and awake time were identical after the new facebook app was installed. Frankly, the update is nice, but it doesn't bring enough to the table to not allow the phone to sleep.

    Note: I turned off all syncing functionality in the app and it still kept the phone awake.
  3. Skywing

    Skywing Newbie

    Ditto, same problem here
  4. devong67

    devong67 Lurker

    I noticed the same problem. I uninstalled the new update and went back to using the stock facebook app until this gets fixed. Now my battery is behaving like I'm used to with the old (1.2) facebook app. Hopefully facebook with solve this problem soon as I liked the new app.

    In case someone doesn't know how to to this here are the steps: Go to settings->applications->manage applications->facebook and hit the "uninstall update" at the top.
  5. Kelita

    Kelita Android Enthusiast

    Thought this was interesting. Here we go again!

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  6. Joppie

    Joppie Well-Known Member

    I noticed that the new FB app registers itself as a service and continues to run. I use a task killer and FB is ALWAYS in the list even immediately after I kill it. Saying bye-bye to this app until a patch is released.
  7. Kelita

    Kelita Android Enthusiast

    I just reverted back to the old version to see if that will help. I had hard reset yesterday and couldn't figure out why my battery life was still bad. Hoping this fixes it for a while.

    FYI if anyone reverts back, make sure you uncheck the automatic update in the market downloads. I reverted and it automatically updated it. LOL
  8. Caker

    Caker Member

    Which version?

    Facebook for HTC Sense? Or just Facebook?
  9. Kelita

    Kelita Android Enthusiast

    Just Facebook. I read over on XDA that you should go into accounts/sync and delete that account as well, then start over with the old version.
  10. Kelita

    Kelita Android Enthusiast

    Looks like they are aware of this issue. Good news!

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  11. kast107

    kast107 Newbie

    The bug they found keeps your phone awake. Hopefully they get that patch, because IMO it is a nice interface.

    BLOWNCO Well-Known Member

    +1 really diggin the new features
  13. archercc

    archercc Android Enthusiast

    I killed the service under running services and it seems to stay dead (until a bounce or application restart of course)
  14. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Android Expert

    This might be the reason why everyone thought the Evo Froyo update was killing battery...
  15. gamblor01

    gamblor01 Well-Known Member

    What is this now? I never got any request to update my facebook app recently, but I did download the new Android 2.2 update. I noticed that the Facebook app now has some slight changes, but I don't know if this is the same update you guys are talking about.

    When I go to Accounts & Sync I only see the Facebook for HTC Sense listed (it syncs every 4 hours just like it did before the upgrade to Froyo), and it does still allow me to control the settings. When I go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Facebook, there is no option to "uninstall update" anywhere on that page. It lists my app as version 1.2.

    However I did notice that after unplugging my phone (fully charged 3 hours ago) I'm now around 60% battery life (they disabled *#*#4636#*#* so I don't know the exact level)! Is this caused by some changes to the Facebook app?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that my phone has been in my pocket (unused) for the past 3 hours and that my up time and awake time are definitely different values. I don't have anything turned on except bluetooth, but I had that on 100% of the time prior to the 2.2 update and easily lasted 2 days on a single charge.
  16. Kelita

    Kelita Android Enthusiast

    Looks like the app has just been updated. :)

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  17. vicshalls

    vicshalls Android Enthusiast

    I have not seen this posted so I thought I would say something. On android police and android central facebook said that their last update had a flaw and was draining the battery bad. I went to uninstall it but saw there is another update so I went ahead and installed and will see what happens. Was wondering why my battery got worse. Maybe that is it. Hope this helps someone.
  18. vicshalls

    vicshalls Android Enthusiast

    Sorry guys right after I posted this I saw someone else had done it. Did not mean to start a new thread.
  19. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Nice try Facebook but version 1.3.1 still keeps the HTC EVO from sleeping. Rebooted after install and my Uptime and Awake time were exactly the same. Force closed Facebook and now my Uptime is higher than awake time hence my phone is sleeping. Uninstalled update again
  20. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Nice try Facebook but version 1.3.1 still keeps the HTC EVO from sleeping. Rebooted after install and my Uptime and Awake time were exactly the same. Force closed Facebook and now my Uptime is higher than awake time hence my phone is sleeping. Uninstalled update again
  21. 84guy

    84guy Well-Known Member

    why cant they just get rid of the service part of it. or give a choice to even have it running. 1.3.1 still keeping my evo awake. using 1.2 till fixed
  22. Putty

    Putty Android Expert

    I am having this problem as well.
  23. Barats

    Barats Android Enthusiast

    How do you downgrade back to an older version?
  24. Kelita

    Kelita Android Enthusiast

    Go to applications and there's a option for unistalling updates.

    I really wish these guys would make a decent FB app. I hate that it goes to the website. Why bother with an app? :rolleyes:

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