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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Borbos, May 29, 2017.

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    Having a couple issues a couple days ago phone went into safe mode for no apparent reason. Used an app, went to put it on the wireless charger would not charge. Noticed it was in safe mode.Tried the box asking if I wanted to turn off safe mode, didn't work. Powered off phone turned the phone on held volume down button still booted into safe mode. Tried numerous times, in frustration handed it to wife. She put it on a battery to charge, there was a message stating that the phone needed to do a system update. She got the phone charged enough to do the update and got it out of safe mode. Several of my app icons are now gone. Yesterday got a Nanto mount which is basically a magnet to put the phone in the car because of the laws in California. Got home phone was in safe mode again. Wife got it out of safe mode and it is currently "behaving". :) Any ideas what might be causing it to go into safe mode? Any suggestions on how to stop it from going into safe mode? Why won't the wireless charger work in safe mode? Any help appreciated.

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