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It has been a fun experience!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Pidasso, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Pidasso

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    I got into the Indulge fairly late and I guess out later than most but it has been a fun experience. Thanks Konane, tiede and everybody that put hard work onto both the phone and helping people on the forum.

    I broke my screen a couple of weeks ago and ordered a new digitizer online, it seems to be defective and the exchange was too long to be without my phone.

    I wound up buying a HUAWEI PREMIA which is pretty cheap but it's a duo core 1.5cpu w Android 4.0.4.. It starts up and is ready to use faster than I could ever dream of the indulge doing. I guess it's pretty new but the root forum is off to a good start. I already removed the bloatware and rooted it. I miss the slide out keyboard more than anything, I NEVER used onscreen typing for anything other than address our a quick txt. So I am sooo slow and have to edIt about half of what I type making it even slower and more frustrating.

    Thanks again it was a fun experience

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