Root it is incredibly slow now. overclockwidget is not helping


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the tablet is nicer after having rooted and put the Google Experience and a few nice games on it, but now it seems to lag a ton for what should be a 800MHz device. my BlackBerry Curve beats it on speed with a paltry 300MHz CPU. i have overclockwidget but it won't allow me to really overclock, and won't even let me access the true potential of the CPU (the CPU should go to 800MHz but it won't let me set it beyond 600 which probably causes my issue) is there a true overclock app that really allows me to overclock it? i am tired of apps that claim to be root-only overclocking but all they do is just set the speed and well below the max at that. i want to be able to take the chance at bricking the device by setting it to max or above max if possible, it's not like i can't just got to K-Mart and replace it as cheap as it is if i do?


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You simply can't overclock without an overclock enabled kernal.

I'm actually doing research on the 7012 and it states an 800mhz processor but i haven't checked against setcpu or cpuboost.

I will let you know what I find.