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Its freaking halloween

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iTechnosight, Oct 31, 2014.

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    Hey guys we have published two games exclusively for Halloween.
    Hope you will enjoy it. Do give us feedback and don't forget to comment and rate.

    Halloween Ride


    Happy Halloween. It's time to race fast!
    Help our little vampire to run in the adventurous city. Earn points and chase the high score and be the champion. Watch out for other obstacles and cars that may get in your way. Whole world is decorated with lots of Amazing cool Characters including Witches, Monster Plants, Vampires, Pumpkins, Mummies, Zombies and many more. Enjoy but don't be scared!!
    - Simple and easy to control
    - Beautiful graphics
    - Fun time with addictive game play
    Play it now!

    Tiny Piano Tiles


    Tiny Piano Tiles is super cool and creative designed game to test your focus speed and accuracy. Crazy musical way to increase your brain power
    Once you start playing you will forget every thing, The most dashing game play. Just run your fingers as fast as you can on the screen to score higher. Enjoy and have fun, race yourself with time score, you can compare with million players outside with Achievements support.
    - Simple to play, fun for all ages, quite challenging to beat!
    - 15 levels with immense addictive modes
    - Infinite/endless gameplay
    - An unparalleled gaming experience with charming piano tiles melody effect
    - Easy and Smooth controls
    Game modes:
    - Classic
    - Arcade
    - Time-Based
    - Enemy
    - Random
    - More brand new modes, you should learn from game...

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