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It's the GAMERS' great time to decide a GAME's NAME

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by cwa2003, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. cwa2003

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    HI there!

    We are China Wireless Arts, which is the biggest and most famous mobile gaming apps developers in China. It's our great honor to provide all of you some excellent gaming apps! We are glad to meet everyone here! And we are sincere to invite you to the gaming world! Now comes the great chance!

    We have an upcoming game but without its official name. And, this is why we are here in the forum. We need you to give it a perfect name! We always hold that it's all the gamers' time to decide what you are playing! Come on and join in it to help us --- your new friend at a distance! Thank you for supporting us !

    Tips: 1/ maybe you can name it according to the story;
    2/ or you can choose one from the below list;
    3/ you've got a better idea? Yeah~~ Put it in!

    Being invited by your friend, you had an accident during the journey. You found yourself in a tomb as you woke up. How to escape and why this happened? There is only one truth! Rely on your own reasoning, carefully find the hidden items. Pay attention to various hints, try your best to find out the secret!
    Experience the terror and mystery of the tomb in this immersive game. After you solving a complicated puzzle or activating an elaborate mechanical device, the huge sense of achievement will make you feel the journey worthy. Step into the mystery journey of ancient tomb escaping now!

    Listed Names:
    1/ Tomb Escape
    2/ Mausoleum Escape
    3/ Mysterious journey
    4/ Mausoleum:mysterious journey
    5/ Ancient Tomb:the hidden secret
    6/ Archaeology:buried secret
    7/ Mysterious tomb
    8/ shadow of conspiracy:tomb escape
    9/ tomb Break
    10/ where is my way?
    11/ Tomb explorers
    12/ Fled the tomb
    13/ Tombs to flee

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  2. Tomb Escape is my favorite. Or "Journey of the Ancient Tomb"

    Either way, make sure the subtitle is "There is only one truth!"
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