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ITT: Post your Captivate's battery life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by latetext, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. latetext

    latetext Newbie
    Thread Starter

    settings -> about phone -> status -> battery level.
    settings -> about phone -> battery use.

    My batt level: 8% (yes phone is almost dead)
    batt use: 7 h, 24 min, 27 secs since unplugged

    display killing 48%
    cell standby killing 18%
    phone idle killing 10%

  2. galaxyslayer

    galaxyslayer Lurker

    My batt level: 42% (yes phone is almost dead)
    batt use: 10 h, 15 min, 27 secs since unplugged

    display 64%
    cell standby 16%
    idle 9%
    system 4%
    3d galaxy 2%

    Moderate use, browsing web, have WordFeud on most of the day, gave a demo to a coworker on the highlights of our phone. I suspect I'll be down to 20% by midnight?
  3. k-chill

    k-chill Newbie

    My batt level: 52%
    batt use: 21 h, 22 min, 15 secs since unplugged

    display 31%
    cell standby 27%
    idle 19%
    voice calls 19%
    android system 3%
    Wi-Fi 2%

    been using it a decent amount today. emailing and txt'ing a lot today. on facebook a lot and twitter. also stocks , web, etc, some app downloads.

    -turn down your display, make brightness not the lowest but close to lowest
    -turn off auto brightness adjustment
    -keep power saving mode on
    -use a darker background, not a live background
    -turn off GPS and bluetooth
    -turn off auto-sync but keep background data sync
    - turn of wifi notification for networks
    - use wi-fi when possible
    - put wifi to never sleep

    your battery life will improve drastically. trust me. and i use my phone a good amount.
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  4. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    14H 21M 56S sec since unpluged

    Voice Calls - 33%
    Display - 3%
    Maps - 17%
    Cell Standby - 10%
    Phone idle - 7%
    Andriod System 2%
    Browser -2%

    25% Battery life still
  5. CaCHooKa Man

    CaCHooKa Man Well-Known Member

    it says 4 hours cause my phone got stuck so i had to reset it

  6. noc

    noc Member

    21% battery remaining

    Display 53% Time on 2h 13m
    Cell Standby: 21% Time on 17h 35m , Time without signal 4%
    Phone idle: 14% time on 15h 21m
    Android system: 4% CPU usage 19m 4s, CPU foreground 1m 36s
    Fancy widget: 2%
    Swype 2%
    Browser 2%

    Took probably 10 pics, browsed the internet a little bit, sent probably 50+ text messages and sent 2 or 3 images through gmail. Used GPS for a few minutes while out on the road. BTW, while on the highway, I was generally within 5-10 meter accuracy with the temporary "fixes" available.
  7. Sledutah

    Sledutah Member

    As of right now, with moderate usage today.
    I always have WiFi and Bluetooth ON, even when I'm not using them. I was on wife about 4 hours, the rest 3g.
    Brightness is set to Auto.
    I have 5 email accounts and texts all day.
    Set to autosync 3 different gmail accounts.
    Live Wallpaper
    I run ATK and have it kill most of the programs every hour.

    Battery is at 44%
    12h 46 min since unplugged
    Voice calls 49%
    Display 23%
    Cell standby 9%
    Phone idle 6%
    Bluetooth 4%
    Maps 3%
    GSP test 3%
    Android System 2%
    Android OS 2%

    I've had the phone 3 weeks tomorrow, the battery gets better with time.
  8. Tinyboss

    Tinyboss Newbie

    28% after 13:42 unplugged (if it were linear I'd hit 0% at 19:01), with screen and voice calls about 40% each.
  9. JahFtb

    JahFtb Newbie

    Bat level= 66%

    10 hours 55 mins 41 secs since unplugged
    Display= 33%
    voice calls= 28%
    standby= 17%
    idle= 11%
    android system= 4%
    task killer= 3%
    android os= 2%
    handcent= 2%
  10. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    Phone just died. Unpluged it 17+ hours ago.
  11. rrrrramos

    rrrrramos Member

    Battery: 72%
    Use: 9h 12m 11s

    Display 39%
    Standby 25%
    Idle 18%
    Voice 6%

    For the record, I took today to test how much I could drain the battery. Brightness is at 100%, GPS running all day, unsure of exact data/text/voice usage but I'd say they were about moderate.
  12. svnty6rs3

    svnty6rs3 Newbie

    Battery level: 50%
    Unplugged: 1d 7h 27m

    Cell Standby 31%
    Display 25%
    Phone Idle 22%
    Voice Calls 16%
    Android OS 2%
    Android System 2%

    This is with minimal use but usually with regular use i last through the day and then charge at night. Anyone think buying an extra battery is worth it? Just to have for emergencies
  13. captivated

    captivated Newbie

    Battery level: 75%
    Unplugged: 15h 37m 17sec

    Voice calls 30%
    Cell standby 28%
    Phone idle 20%
    Display 11%
    Mediaserver 6%
    GPS test 5%
    Android System 2%

    Didn't use it much today. Also it seems my phone can't do math correctly. All of that adds up to 102%
  14. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Android Enthusiast

    Question, are you all using the standard "Battery Use" info from the "About Phone" settings and also gathering info from other settings? If yes and the areas your drawing from are standardized settings, which ones are you drawing from? Is anyone using a Battery app, if so, which one and why? I asked, because I see people reporting things that seem to be a varied collection of info.

    My Suggestion: If you want this thread to be accurate and meaningful, which is what I sense, than everyone needs to be reporting the same data from the same sources. In other words, we ALL need to be on the same sheet of music. Not hard to do, heck the OP started this, which I totally agree with and love to see this forum get into meaningful collectives such as this. So what say you? Lets tune this up and make it right, OP, Take the lead!!


    Note: if everyone feels this is important, which I do, than maybe we would want to skicky this thread?? Just a thought...
  15. el frugalista

    el frugalista Newbie

    Just plugged in my Captivate after being unplugged 78 hours with 104 minutes in calls and very light surfing during this period. I have Ultimate Juice set to check email for 2 minutes every 30 minutes during the daytime and at night I have it turn off APN.

    Prior to recharging I had a lengthy phone call and upon disconnecting noted 14% left on the battery.

    Amazing how this app extends battery life!
  16. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    I had 25% left of battery life after being unpluged for 33 hours
  17. huskerkurt

    huskerkurt Member

    Battery Level is 12% after being unplugged for 1d 16h 27m 22s (40h 27m 22s)

    Battery Usage
    30% Neer
    21% Standby
    19% Voice Calls
    14% Phone Idle
    11% Display
    2% Wi-Fi
    2% Android System
    2% Android OS
    2% sensorserver_ya

    This is the longest my battery has lasted yet on one charge. Part of the reason is I haven't been using it as heavily in the last day or two, I've been busy with stuff that didn't allow much phone usage time. However, that still includes 3 or 4 somewhat lengthy phone calls, and a couple fairly lengthy browsing sessions (all on Wi-Fi).
  18. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    Seems like everyone's battery issue is getting better.
  19. MrKunal

    MrKunal Lurker

    :(11h 27m unplugged
    Battery level: 47%

    Cell Standby: 48%
    Display: 21%
    Phone idle: 15%
    Voice calls: 7%
    ESPN: 4%
    Android System: 2%
    Android OS: 2%

    Anyone have any ideas why my Cell Standby is eating the life out of my battery?
  20. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Android Expert

    7h since unplugged
    standby 38%
    idle 16%
    voice calls 15%
    display 15%
    snowstorm 12%
  21. EvilPlots

    EvilPlots Newbie

    My batt level 57%
    12h 38m 36s since unplugged

    Display 56%
    cell standby 19%
    phone idle 11%
    voice calls 6%
    android system 4%
    swype 2%

    This is on EDGE/edge I don't have 3g in my area, most of the use today has been just over 1000 texts received and replied to.

    If I read kindle all day long at work, 6am-4:30pm, I come home with around 15-20% battery remaining.
  22. How are your guys's displays taking up so little battery? Mine is constantly at 80% and above (except after a long period of sleep). I typically put brightness at 60-70% and have a static wallpaper. P.S. I just exchanged it due to unrelated issues.
  23. jrdoll28

    jrdoll28 Newbie

    I believe there's some problem with mine.

    3h 56m 11s since unplugged.

    Cell Standby: 48%
    Phone Idle: 33%
    Display: 7%
    Android System: 4%
    Scorecenter: 3%
    Android OS: 3%
    Fancy Widget: 2%

    I unplugged my phone when it reached 100% and it's now at 83% even though I haven't done anything except unplug it.
  24. Dimcorner

    Dimcorner Newbie

    My batt level: 96%
    batt use: 5 h, 26 min, 32 secs since unplugged

    cell standby 44%
    Phone Idle 32%
    display 11%
    wi-fi 5%
    mediaserver 5%
    music player 2%
    Android system 2%

    I don't shut down the GPS, Wi-Fi, nor auto sync. Brightness set at lowest, no active wallpaper.
    Lookout and 3G Watchdog running in background all the time.
  25. Endoran

    Endoran Android Enthusiast

    Wow. I want that. I'll have to checkout lookout and 3g watchdog. Although I think I'll keep brightness set to auto because when you're in direct sunlight it changes to a brightness that makes it MUCH easier to see; it will go from barely viewable to comfortably viewable. From the looks of it though you didn't really use your phone...like at all. So...did you use your phone at all or did it just sit in your pocket auto-syncing every-so-often??

    @jrdoll28 - Was your cell coverage really bad?? From your %'s it looks like your phone was constantly trying to hang on to a very weak signal...when you click on cell standby it will actually tell you the % of time that your phone didn't have service. During these times your phone is trying very hard to regain that connection, i.e. battery drain. This could be the culprit, not anything wrong with your phone. However, if you had good service then I'd be a little worried.
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