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iTunes Alternative for Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Sperkowitz, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Sperkowitz

    Sperkowitz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I know there are many threads about this. But none has answered what I have been looking for. I actually really like iTunes. I has grown on me. But I recently purchased an Android phone and it will replace my iPod. I did download DoubleTwist, and it is a good program and is pretty similar to iTunes. But the main thing I really really looking for is something similar to the check marks you can place in iTunes to let it know those are the tracks you want to sync. When I wanted to remove a track from my iPod, all I had to do was un-check it in iTunes and it would be removed on the next sync. This is all I really want. I never did get into playlists and really don't like the drag-and-drop way of transferring music.

    Maybe I need to be schooled better in this. If what I am looking for is in DoubleTwist, some information on this would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. cluelezz

    cluelezz Newbie

    I don't think there's anything that utilizes checkmarks in/like itunes. You could make a playlist of your whole lib and just remove/add songs as you change your mind. Songbird's another option. Not sure if it has the check system, but there might be an addon for it.
  3. danetweedale

    danetweedale Newbie

    DoubleTwist is pretty good, That is what I'm using at the minute. You can even sync wireless if you buy the app from the market
  4. Busyfool

    Busyfool Lurker

    I was a big Itunes fan with my ipod (until the ipod broke) I worked my way through a lot of music players - I really wanted a desktop player so was using doubletwist despite it being really clunky in places.

    I now use Winamp - as near as possible to Itunes - with wireless sync to boot and really like it.
  5. sookster54

    sookster54 Android Expert

    DoubleTwist and Winamp are great, if you do get DoubleTwist airsync, test it immediately as the Windows program is a bit flaky and you only have a 15 minute window for refund.

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