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Itunes on the droid bionic?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jony317, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. jony317

    jony317 Lurker
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    So I bought the new DROID bionic and I'm wondering if it's possible to download itunes directly to my droid. It is a computer after all and I have itunes on my pc which isnt a MAC so why wouldn't I b able to put it on my phone which isnt a MAC? I already tried downloading it but nothing happened so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I want it on my droid to listen to bill burrs Monday morning podcast and joe rogans podcast and it seems like it would b easier to download it straight to my droid rather than downloading from my pc than transferring the podcasts to my droid, thanks for any good advice.


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Because it doesnt work on it. Simple.

    1. PC programs dont work on phones. Period. Different operating systems, different hardware.

    2. Mac programs dont work for Windows and vice versa. There is simple 2 kinds of iTunes installer files, one for Windows and one for Mac. There are none for Android.

    3. You can download podcasts straight to your droid, you just have to use a podcast app that does so from the market. I've never used iTunes ever and I've been able to listen to podcasts straight from my old Nokia phone. Havent set it up on my SGSL yet, but its there.
  3. That's how it is.

    The OP can simply export/copy the files he wants, if they are MP3s and MP4s, from iTunes to his desktop and then copy them to the appropriate directory on his SD card to be played with the player of his choice afaik.
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    The OP did say he did not want to transfer the podcasts. There are two ways to do this without having to connect the phone to computers:

    1. Use DropBox or SugarSync. Set your iTunes if possible to download the podcasts to the corresponding sync folders for either program. Once the podcast is downloaded, the file will be uploaded to cloud and onto the phone automatically.

    2. Use one of SEVERAL podcast apps from the market. A simple search using the query "podcast" had about 1575 hits.
  5. You would need a paid for account for your average music library of 20GB and upwards.
    Not too mention videos!
    Could get expensive.

    You would need to build a macro or script to do that.

    Correct. If money is no object, nor time or computer skills.
  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    @Chuck - I have know of persons who has over 20gb on a free SugarSync account. Max limit for SugarSync free accounts via referral is 105gb. You get 500mb per free referral, and if someone you refer upgrades to a paid account, you both get 10gb free. :)

    Also, since he was referring primarily to podcasts, he doesnt really need to keep all podcasts in the sugarsync folders. Once they have been uploaded to his phone, he can transfer them to a different folder if he so wishes.
  7. MrHawley

    MrHawley Newbie

    Podcasts? DoggCatcher!

    Well, at least it works well for me!
  8. UTR

    UTR Newbie

    If you're on the same wifi network you can sync your itunes via playlists using isyncr (check the market) or if you wanna buy music use the amazon mp3 app (check the market) to buy direct from your phone.

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