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Support itunes playlist sync

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by somethingwittie, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. somethingwittie

    somethingwittie New Member
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    Sep 7, 2010

    Just playing with my new desire and wondering if anyone can answer this.
    I've used the htc software to sync an Itunes playlist to my device - which seemed much more simple than browsing to several folders and importing them one by one.

    My idea is that I use this a playlist ('songs for mydesire') to add more music as and when I want.

    Therefore, for future syncs, does this playlist need to contain every song I want to remain on my desire? ie, I've put on album A. it's on my desire and sounds lovely, great. The next week I decide I want album c on there too. If I hit sync and the playlist has album A & C on it, no problems, album C will just be added. But if I've tidied up the playlist and removed album A from it, will the syncing process then delete it from my desire, leaving me with only what is currently the playlist?

    Also, I've notice that syncing using playlists seems to bury the files into a random folder about 5 levels deep (as opposed to the music folder that seems to be pre-loaded with a few tracks on my sd card) - will this affect performance at all?

    It also seemed that despite me syncing a few playlists, I couldn't find the playlist on the phone anywhere to play (even though I found them on the sd card).

    Is there a music player app I can download that will automatically scrobble my tracks as I play them (so I need no background scrobbling (last.fm). So a mp3 player app with built in scrobble?

    Apologies if none of this makes sense!




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