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Ive got a bit of a problem...

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by attihram, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. attihram

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    so i just recently got a samsung showcase, otherwise known as the samsung fascinate, its just a spinoff of the galaxy s, and i already had 2.3.5 on it but i used a tutorial on youtube to flash 2.3.5 on it again, well it didnt work but it did in a way, when i used odin it said the 2.3.5 flash didnt work but the fone runs fairly fine, i also proceded farther into the tutorial and went ahead and rooted the fone,

    well the main problem im having now is that the fone wont send 2 page messages, idk why but it just wont, and (even tho i really dont care) it wont run facebook that well it says it needs an internet connection sometimes when i have 3g, i would like to run honeycomb on it or maybe 4.0 (idr the name), if u guys could give me a tutorial on how to flash it to honeycomb (preferbly using odin) or another easy method i would greatly appreciate it,

    by the way my service provider is ntelos, its a small company out of virginia/west virginia, any help would be greatly appreciated

    btw the end of the youtube video is /watch?v=V6qh7lQR9FA&list=FLQy0SFVk1EsvrNtpvyiFrkA&feature=mh_lolz

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