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Feb 20, 2013
Port Richey, FL
I'm on t-mobile and am hoping the future update will fix this, but I've had it with the stock keyboard. It just throws in the letter b at random when I use it.

The one thing I do like about the stock keyboard is how the numbers are at the top and are easily accessible. Does swift key have this option or does another keyboard offer it?
Download swiftkey, best keyboard app in the entire universe.

... and yes I can say that because I have indeed been everywhere in the universe.

Seriously though, swiftkey is great, you can set it up pretty much however you want. Simultaneously use three languages, option for flow(swype), numbers, arrow keys, special characters, auto correction, adaptive, themeable etc... You wont be disappointed.
I took the quick advice and installed Swiftkey. Its fast and smooth and am liking it. Only wish there was a 5th row for numbers like the stock keyboard.
I have 11 keyboards on my GS4 counting the stock ones. Swiftkey is good, but won't let me insert a "." in an email address before the dot com portion of the email address... as in I can fix it after typing the .com portion, but I have to position the inserter to do it. And, no number row. I also had some issues with its word predictor/suggester.

I tried the Kii keyboard and happily purchased the premium version. I really like how it works.

Keyboards seem to be personal choice items.

I tweaked Swiftkey and per suggestions here, I changed the longpress to 200ms which helped deal with numbers. But found that if I paused too long trying to remember where to slide for the next letter in my word, I got a number instead. I never came close to being an expert on Swiftkey so there's probably a lot that I didn't discover about it, but I had times when the suggested words didn't work and I had to back up and hit each letter individually to get the word I wanted.

Kii has a floating word suggestion that is either distracting or a nice feature. I haven't decided yet. ;)
I downloaded Kii and like how they have an option for a 5th row of numbers unlike swiftkey. You would think they would have one by now.
I'll give both a shot and see which I like better. One thing I'm not liking about Swift is I'll type in a word and it will change it to something else so I'm getting used to the way it works.