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I've had my Doid for 1 month!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JayhawkZ, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. JayhawkZ

    JayhawkZ Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 12, 2010
    City Inspector
    Wichita, KS
    So after trying two different home replacements and completely reorganizng my phone several times I think I finally have things where I want them (for now.) I'm just your average unrooted user that surfs the web, texts, and FB's a lot. So after 1 month of ownership here is my review:

    So basically this phone kicks a$$ and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's fast, looks great, does everything I need it to do, and only set me back $100. My favorite things about the phone are the screen and the customization ability. My phone actually looks like it is worth $600 when side-by-side with my bro's 3GS (ha!)

    So here are the things I don't like about it:
    -Keyboard is completely WORTHLESS except for when playing Gameboid. I'd much rather have the phone be 1-2mil thicker and have 'real' keys!
    -Battery life is not the greatest. Not horrible, but I always have a charger handy just in case.
    -More of a software issue rather than the phone itself, but after using mainly Home++ the last month I've gone back to the stock homescreen. Nothing is as fast/stable as stock so I'll learn to live with the 3 sceens until we get 2.1 with the next month (crosses fingers.) FYI I tried SH2 for a bit but just don't want to invest all the time into it right now.
    -Camera is a discrace to the phone. My old 2mp EnV2 is just as good!

    Well that's my litte review, thanks for reading. I'd post screenshots but can't do it with stock and don't feel like downloading SDK.


  2. square

    square Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2009
    this is quite an exaggeration. i had the same phone...they are not close.
  3. Shadowtech

    Shadowtech Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2009
    The phone might "look" like it costs $600 because the actual retail cost is around $550-$600.

    -I'll agree with the keyboard's usefulness, however some people don't mind it. Personally I'll stick with using Swype on the touchscreen.
    -Battery life on mine hasn't been terrible, and I use it a good bit throughout the day. However I don't really use it much for actual phone calls, and those eat through it quite a bit.
    -Most homescreen replacements are laggy I have found, never could get one I liked. Even the basic Launcher++ that just offers 5 screens would lag. Now that I am running sholes though, the phone is smooth.
    -I haven't had many issues with my camera, however it is horrible in low light situations. Adding Camera Zoom FX though has improved it quite a bit.
  4. alnova1

    alnova1 Well-Known Member

    Nov 7, 2009
    I really don't understand the camera bashing on the Droid. Granted its not as good as the Blackberry storm which was only a 3mp (but was the only thing good about the phone) but I don't think its all that bad. Try an HTC phone if you want a bad pic!
  5. jamo

    jamo Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2010
    I have to admit, I'm one of those people who likes having the physical keyboard. I've found it really easy to use after using it for awhile. I don't always use it, but I like having the choice b/t physical and virtual keyboard.
  6. Le0_Br4zUc4

    Le0_Br4zUc4 Well-Known Member

    I don't agree with you, any phone is good depending on what you need to do with the phone, Storm Droid or iPhone could be really good for some people or it could be the worse phone to some others.

    I have a Storm and a Droid, call quality on the Storm is WAY better then the Droid, so is the camera, email and battery life. Droid is WAY faster then the Storm, browse on internet with the Droid is really good (I don't even try my Storm to browse the web), widgets and apps are perfect on the Droid. I decided to try the Droid and I'm loving it, having fun, rooting, customizing the Droid is awesome. Like I said, phones may be good for me and not as good for you, all depends on everything you need your phone to do and how you plan on using it. (Some people love their iPhone and I think the iPhone is nothing but an big S**t)
  7. Crazy_J

    Crazy_J Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2010
    pc repair
    southern Nebraska, US
    Before I rooted I was using GDE I never saw any lag. You get up to seven homescreens.
  8. Geezer Squid

    Geezer Squid Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2009
    Sales Rep
    Baton Rouge, LA
    The physical keyboard gets better with use. After you've used it a while, it will, in most cases, become more "bumpy" and not as flat. You will be able to feel the difference from one key to the next as you slide your finger across the keyboard. Sounds weird, but it's well document that many, many user's keyboards have morphed.

    The camera can be dramatically improved by using Pro Zoom Camera as your camera app.
  9. Djanvk

    Djanvk Active Member

    Nov 26, 2009
    I tried a couple Home replacements, I liked Home++ the best but after awhile I went back to the original home screen, it does just fine and there is really not lagg for me on these default screen.

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