Help I've made a terrible mistake (Downloaded Verizon Update)


I downloaded the Verizon update to my S4 but now I don't want to install it. I get popups saying to install now or later and if I click later it wants to set a time for when.

I can exit the windows but they come back up everytime I unlock my phone.

Is there a way to disable or delete the update file?



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Are you rooted? If so, see my post (#7) in this thread:

If not, the reminders should stop if you flat-out say "No, Thanks" to the update. Don't delay them, because it will eventually install! You can't stop the download, but you should be able to stop Big Red from installing it. The file will still be there, waiting for you to go back in and tell it to go ahead and install when you decide to.

If this doesn't work, then I don't have an answer for you. My apologies...


Not only that, but it eliminates the loki bootloader exploit making it so that you can't flash custom roms, kernels, or recovery.


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If you don't care about rooting, is there any drawback to the update? I think someone mentioned a hit to battery life by about 15%.


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Yeah, I heard that part. I don't really mind not having the wifi toggle. I just use a Beautiful Widget toggle and I don't think I've ever even had to turn off wifi. Now if it took that darn block out of the pull down notification area about wifi networks (when I'm already on one!!! grr!!)-- that would be worth a factory reset!