Iview 706NB...HELP!!!


I came across and won an Iview netbook with a 7 inch screen running android tablet OS. Does anyone know anything about it or am I the only one here that has one? Also does anyone think there are ways to root it or is that just a pipe dream?

Before anyone tells me that it's worthless I only paid 3 dollars for it, I know it's not worth the cost.

Model#: iVIEW-706NB
Android Ver.#: 4.03
Kernel Ver.#: 3.0.8
Build#: 4.0.3 ICS Ver1.3.0-20120911.055941

Made in China


It's quite a cheapo device, these Android netbooks usually are. And most of them come from unknown manufacturers, which makes information like rooting an unknown as well.

You could try a universal rooting tool like SuperOneClick. Bare in mind though if the rooting tool is incompatible or something goes wrong, it can leave the device irreparably bricked.

Do you really need to root it? Like trying to remove Chinese apps or something?