Jarvis and Kit2000 Voices?


So the last post asking about this was a year ago, and the only response dealt more with "cookie cutter" notifications from Zedge.

And I'm completely dumbfounded that car-to-phone Bluetooth pairing and Tasker could both exist for so long, yet no one has taken the time to create and sell (very lucratively, i might add) authentic, Android compatible TTS voices for either Kit2000 (the talking car from the 80s sitcom Knight Rider, for you whipper-snappers) and Iron Man's Jarvis. I mean, seriously, these should be so prevalent that they would have become cliché by now.

The only solution I've seen is settling for a $5-$10 voice that sounds kinda similar, but in reality isn't even close.

I'm aware of the several Jarvis assistant apps, but I'm looking for just the voices.

So what gives? You'd think even if copyright infringement was an issue that someone still would have already partnered with Marvel (or whoever) and capitalized on authenticity...

Someone please tell me they're right under my nose, because I just don't believe they could be this hard to find.