Nov 15, 2009
My Droid does not detect my Jawbone. I have reviewed user guide no luck.
Anyone else have a problem getting Bluetooth to work? Or more specificly a Jawbone? I hate to bring it back because I love this device even though some functions are not as useful as my Blackberry, but Bluetooth is a important feature in my world.
I guess it is to the verizon store to see what they can do. I have been using Bluetooth for since 2006 and first time I can't get it to detect my device, let alone get to passcode window :(
In the meantime I'll have to look around for my old Motorola set. My Jawbone is by far my favorite one to use
Thought i try and help you out. I haven't used my jawbone in a while but i have the 2nd gen. did you put both the phone and jawbone in discoverable mode?

The light should go back n fourth from red to white on the jawbone and once that happens my phone found it in like 10 secs.
I had problems getting my Jawbone paired initially. I had to use the instructions from Aliph's webiste to reset the Jawbone. Once my Jawbone was reset, everything worked fine.
I didn't have any problem pairing my Jawbone but the voice dial command doesn't work like it did on my LG. I used to be able just press the Voice Assassin button for a few seconds to get a prompt, but that doesn't work on the Droid. I'm hoping that this big software update they've promised for next week will address some of that.
i had the same problem getting my JB2 to connect. read the JB instructions and realized you have to put the JB in pairing mode. once i did that, no problem.
Thank you for the tips. I have finally got the 2 paired. Although I had been holding both locations to kick the headset into pairing, or so I thought, I was not getting the flashing red / white light, first problem. Then I went to the user's guide as someone else suggested to ensure I was holding the right buttons. After multiple attempts this morning to get the flashing lights....success :D
Thank you for the feedback