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Jay from Beijing, China, and im an android newbie

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Phantim3dx, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Hey ya'll.

    Just might as well introduce myself. Im Jay living and working here in Beijing, China, so yes im an expat. I've been debating for the longest time on whether to buy an iphone or android phone, and im 90% leaning to the htc evo 4g.

    However I have some questions about purchasing this, since all htc evo 4g phones are smuggled into china (from usa) im very reluctant to buy it.

    I asked a phone shop about the evo4g and they told me it needs to be unlocked and needs a code of some sort. What exactly are they talking about, or is there some specia code sprint users back home in usa get to activate the phone?

    Im going to try and unlock it myself and ive seen plenty of vids on youtube already, but the "code" part kept bugging me.

    My other question is this, if I WERE to buy the htc evo 4g(android2.1) in what order should i go buy in terms of unlocking the phone. That is, should i A) first update to the android2.2 then unlock or B) unlock the android2.1 then upgrade to the 2.2 version. Does it matter at all?

    last question is I've seen zeveral videos of how the htc evo4g was being unlocked, i would like full customization and app usage so is there a recommendation you fellow android users suggest?

    Any help would greatly be appreciated because I really want to join this android community. Yes I am a mac user (but i run windows seperately as well) Although I like mac products very much, I jsut cant shell out the cash for an iphone, its just too much, so im looking for an alternative and the best solution is an android phone.

    My primary use of this phone would be video chat, watching movies/listening to music while i go exercise at a fitness center besides the standard talk. i do like big screens so the evo 4g is my best bet right now.

    Again any help it would greatly help me out and anyone else reading this.

    Thanks again;


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    Hey there!

    Welcome to Android Forums! :) We hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

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