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JB 4.1.1 broken sync manager and mass storage

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by countryside, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. countryside

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    Hi Phandroid,

    The JB update has stopped HTC SYNC working on my windows PC. It will not recognise that a device is connected so I cannot move files. Windows recognises an MTP device, sometimes the camera when it wants to and I can look at the phones storage, but not through HTC SYNC. Worked every time before the upgrade. Also my car stereo cannot recognise the device now that it is not a mass storage device, or my receiver. I know they have removed this functionality but I want it back! Debugging is on; I have also tried it with it off. I straight away recognised that the update has removed the 'connect to PC' options in settings. So I cannot choose how I want to use the device and it cannot connect to HTC SYNC because of this. Windows keeps beeping to say new device connected, several times though it only did it once before upgrade. I can charge the device and use it in every other way but I need mass storage and HTC SYNC back! Is it possible to un-update the phone to the previous version?
    Any suggestions to remedy this would be great.
    Many thanks,
    Andrew (HTC ONE S, UK, T-MOBILE)

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  2. Harry2

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