Jelly Bean benefits


This is a question for those familiar with Jelly Bean. I have been running Nova Prime for a while and recently downloaded jb clock+ and jb camera+ .I love them all and was wondering what I would really gain upgrading to Jelly Bean when the update is available. Thanks in advance.


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There's a ton of discussion on this topic over on the RAZR MAXX HD forum. Reviews have been mixed on both sides. The general feeling seems to be that Jelly Bean does not really provide much of anything in way of improvement, at least not enough to make the few small problems (and some people did have much bigger problems) worth the up rev.

I did the update and I run Nova Launcher as well, although not the Prime version yet. For me I noticed no difference in performance. If anything I found performace a little worse with the stock launcher but with Nova it seems the same. Battery performance has been about the same for me, maybe even a little better. Some claim worse.

It seems that most that have posted have noticed things either a little better or a little worse, at least that's my feeling. Since things ran so well under ICS my feeling is why change for little to no benefit. But I've already made the change so I'm going to live with it. Hopefully some tweaks will be forthcoming to make things even better with it.


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When I upgraded my Motorola Droid 2 from Froyo to Gingerbread I regretted it. I really liked the digital clock on Froyo for some reason among other things. When I upgraded the Droid Razr Maxx from Gingerbread, I was happy and thought it was pretty smooth. There were a few glitches but overall I am still happy. The internet connection is still an issue but I don't recall if it gave me problems before the ICS upgrade anyway. Maybe I will hold off on updating when it comes out to see what people are saying.