Help Jelly Bean cut off alarm sound

I have had no issues with the official jelly bean update except for this. My alarm randomly will only sound for 1 second and then turn itself off. I have my alarm set for the same time during the week but on a random day it will go off for once second and then shut itself off.

It's completely random when it does it. Last week it happened on Monday and Wednesday. This week it happened on Tuesday, Wednesday and today (Friday).

Anyone else experiencing this or have any suggestions? Thankfully the 1 second is enough to wake me up, but it scares me that one day it might not go off at all.


Having the same problem, I have not found a cure yet but am working on it. mine only does it after turning the alarms off and then back on now. I deleted all alarm times and then re-entered them. It still changes the day and does 1 second alarms on one of the pre-sets.


glad it's not just alarm recently started doing the same one second sound then silence without me touching it. Also, the screen doesn't even light up. Just started this a couple of weeks ago. Can't find a solution as of yet.


I've had this problem (along with a few others) ever since the update to JB.
My phone will do the one second alarm cut-off, but will also randomly just not go off at all. This happens about twice a week, the alarm time will come and go with not a cheep, and when I check alarm settings everything seems to be OK. Im now using an old phone as a backup with a second alarm 2 minutes later.
Also, my alarm music randomly gets changed back to the default "good morning", or whatever its called, music. This problem only seems to affect my weekday alarm, and leaves the two for the weekend alone. Thinking I may just have to get a new alarm app.