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Jelly Bean Experiences

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by drummer_r, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. drummer_r

    drummer_r Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yesterday i upgraded my HTC One S to Android Jelly Bean.
    Apart from everything being blue instead of green, i suspect that my phone is working slower than before. When i'm typing, my tekst is running behind and also the rest of the interface is not working smootly.
    In short, i'm not very happy with this upgrade.

    I wonder what your experiences are.

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  2. HTCOneS

    HTCOneS Lurker

    it broke my phone... wish I'd never done it

    "if it's not broke, don't fix it"

    comes to mind
  3. andyben

    andyben Member

    Same as the OP
  4. rgke

    rgke Newbie

    My experience is pretty positive so far. I found one app seemed to be consuming way too much power but an un install and re install seemed to fix it.

    Phone seems 'smoother' and the continuous rotation off the home screens is a big improvement

    I haven't seen any change in the multitasking issue through.
  5. creamrevenge

    creamrevenge Lurker

    Ever since I upgraded to 3.16.401.8 my mobile data not connecting. Not really sure where to turn too.
    Not happy.
  6. Quills88

    Quills88 Newbie

    I have heard of some users install an app to get their phones services fixed. In other words if your mobile data connect is not working you might try installing a mobile data optimizing app.
  7. nash211

    nash211 Newbie

    Works ok for me so far no issues
  8. ahmar2

    ahmar2 Lurker

    Works wonderful. However I guess it is consuming way too much battery now.
  9. razvan06

    razvan06 Android Enthusiast

    Note this : On every MAJOR update [4.0.x-4.1.x] you should do a factory reset [you can leave the SD untouched] for things to work perfectly !
    ..as a matter of fact, you ca do that even now and see for yourself.

    Another thing about Data/Wifi signal : I have my One S from O2 germany, changed the CID and now i'm virtually unlocked for good from O2, had the Germany code in my firmware [also from O2] and was forced to root to some pther rom because after the 4.1.1 update [even with factory reset] my wifi signal was 1-2 lines instead of max+VERY poor speeds [20-200Kb/s].
    Now, after changing ROM, nothing happened... well i said ,let's keep on trying : changed CID and then changed ROM again ... still NOTHING [i panic'd !!]; I said : Ok, might be a hardware malfunction [even tough everything was working PERFECTLY a day ago - before update] si i decided to investigate things and ultimately lead to bootloader ...checked version and saw that i have the old one that was intended for O2 [v2.13] so i updated to latest for WWE [world wide europe] - v2.15 ... what was so special about thins one ? [IT FIXED Wifi !!!] well this version had other wifi partitions than the old one from stock ROM, so with CID changed i could change bootloader with no issues, installed another sense based ROM and now i have no more issues with wifi/data and it's actually working better than it used to [before official update] :D.

    Hope this helps someone !
    If you need links and tutorials, just ask.

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