Jelly Bean Google Search - No longer uses browser


Hi, I just upgraded my Galaxy S2 to Jelly Bean. With ICS, I would type something in the google search bar at the top of my home page, and results would open up in my default browser (usually Dolphin). After the upgrade, the search results load in some Google page, and then I tap a link to have it open in Dolphin. I want it back that results load directly in Dolphin, primarily so I can open multiple tabs from the results screen. Ideas?


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I understand.

Did you know that the results are being handled by Google now. Simply the coolest thing to date. You may want to learn more about it before changing it. One more thing the default browser on jb android is chrome and you can not disable it


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True, but I had google results in Dolphin too, and the most important, could open new tabs. So it is supposed to do that? I was partly worried that something messed up, so if it is now supposed to do that, then that partly alleviates my annoyance. Maybe get rid of the google search bar completely, and just have a bookmark to google search website... I can't think of any alternatives...


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Google Search opens Google Now (dumb IMHO) and shows you a list of what you've searched for. Once you click on one of the links it will open your browser (for me, it opens Dolphin).

I feel that the Google Search widget is pretty much worthless. A bookmark on the desktop would seem to be a better alternative for some. I personally have Dolphin on my launchers dock, and it opens right to the Google search page. Less clutter on my screen hehe.