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Jellybean update "confirmed" to be in the works.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brandonhun, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. jjavitable1

    jjavitable1 Newbie

    If we get this update ill get my eyebrows waxed completely off.

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  2. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

  3. Nate456

    Nate456 Well-Known Member

    Be careful what you wish for.
  4. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    In the slim chance that this happens, pics are a must!
  5. CarlosMoreno

    CarlosMoreno Newbie

    The HTC EVO 3D will NEVER get Jelly Bean, I contacted HTC by email and they told me that the EVO 3D was designed to work well with ICS and that it would not get Jelly Bean, I'm a new user so I can't post a picture of the email but yall can go to HTC.com and send them an email and ask them , they won't take that long to reply , but it sucks, and maybe if a lot.of people complain about it, they might considered it, she never said it couldn't handle jelly bean, she just said that it was designed to work well with ICS
  6. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    HTC and sprint chat representatives frankly don't know anything about what the company is planning.

    I agree that the 3D will never see JB, but you can't base that on chat sessions
  7. rs98

    rs98 Well-Known Member

    I just emailed HTC. Let's see what happens.
  8. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    I highly doubt that it will happen even if people ask for it. The phone is discontinued.... They aren't going to pay to develop for a phone they don't even make.

    That being said, I have jellybean and it's pretty sweet.... Gotta get on the rooting and get some jellybean! You're missing out.
  9. CarlosMoreno

    CarlosMoreno Newbie

    Is there any way too root the evo v without a computer?
  10. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Unfortunately, no. You need a PC to root the V.
  11. CarlosMoreno

    CarlosMoreno Newbie

    Oh ok, thanks anyway
  12. mrawesome22

    mrawesome22 Android Enthusiast

    I just got my official ota jb update.

    You haven't gotten it yet?
  13. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    :( it makes me sad that you can't root. Does nobody have a pc they would let you use? I would gladly root for you :)
  14. CarlosMoreno

    CarlosMoreno Newbie

    No I don't know anybody that would let me use it, , thanks tho , wish u could help me
  15. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    Well if you get too desperate to root, you can send me your phone and I'll root it. Just pm me if that's something you would like to do and we can work out the details! ;)
  16. awev

    awev Newbie

    I think you are a couple months early, this isn't April First - April Fool's Day. If you did really receive an official JB update Over The Air (OTA) then congrads, and you are in an elite group
  17. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Android Expert

    While the evo 3d may be discontinued, VM has given it new life as the evo v. Is it 7months into its life cycle with VM? At least we provide an avenue for them to sell off some extra inventory.
    I am looking forward to possibly buying a Samsung Galaxy S3 for $200 near the end of this year on VM. I don't mind being a generation or two behind if I am saving over half off on my phone bill.
  18. Tejer

    Tejer Android Enthusiast

    This is what the article claiming we would get 4.1 was saying too. According to them, HTC has said the Evo 3D is discontinued and would not get it, but the Evo V is still in it's lifecycle so that's why we would get it. Again, according to the article.
  19. miked6875

    miked6875 Member

    Running Gangnam 412. LUV IT.:D
  20. EazySteve

    EazySteve Android Enthusiast

    Email from HTC:

    Thank you for your reply Steve.

    When it comes to the Jelly Bean Update, we here at email tech support know that at this point in time, HTC can only confirm that we have plans to upgrade our HTC One X, HTC One XL and HTC One S to Jelly Bean. I suggest that you please stay tuned for more updates regarding device upgrades, timing and other details about HTC and Jelly Bean on our website at htc.com along with twitter and facebook. I do apologize if this causes you any inconvenience.

    Have A Great Day!!




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  21. richking34

    richking34 Android Enthusiast

    Thats so dumb, did they update the incredible 4g lte?
  22. death2twitter

    death2twitter Well-Known Member

    How the hell was it "designed" to work well with an OS that didn't exist at the time?
  23. Kamau

    Kamau Android Expert

    Why are people still beating this around? This phone will NOT be getting Jellybean.
    Rxpert83 likes this.
  24. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    That's def the way all evidence has been pointing from the beginning. The 3d barely got ics

    As with any update....Don't expect it. Just be pleasantly surprised when one comes.

    If you want it now, i would think there should be root options available.
    Kamau likes this.
  25. Kamau

    Kamau Android Expert

    Exactly. It didn't come to me, I went to it.
    I'm sporting JB, no bloatware, faster responses, and to top it all off, it's totally the way I want it. And if I no longer want it this way, I can swap the while thing out at a whim.
    Seems to me the "other option" is better than waiting & hoping.
    But that's just me.

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