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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jamface54, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. jamface54

    jamface54 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've read in a few different places that jellybean is available to the galaxy ace 2 in the uk now. So i go onto settings>About phone>Software update, but it doesn't find an update. Why not and how can i get jellybean? Thanks.

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  2. mark_ea

    mark_ea Lurker

    Try plugging your phone into your computer, then run Kies software, if it's available for you should be there. Although some phones that are locked to a network haven't got it yet.
  3. Donni79

    Donni79 Newbie

    I'm locked to O2 and still haven't got it?
  4. pm5544

    pm5544 Android Enthusiast

    That kinda proves it then.
  5. j800r

    j800r Well-Known Member

    It doesn't seem to have been made available via OTA. If you wanna upgrade you're gonna have to use Kies.

    That being said, the benefits of Jelly Bean, while handy, in my opinion are only minor. Camera Zoom, Google Now (which I've rarely found use for myself yet), UI tweaks, ability to use Google Chrome and/or Nova Launcher and tbh that's about it.

    You wouldn't get to benefit from Project Butter because the phone is low-to-midrange and not really powerful enough but moreso because Samsung didn't properly optimise the firmware. Whereas the gingerbread firmware has been out for a good amount of time, has been through various revisions and absolutely SCREAMS on the device.

    I've tweaked my phone to be more or less as fast on Jelly Bean, but it does require rooting and some specific tweaks/setups.

    But ya, if you really want Jelly Bean, use Kies to update as you won't have it available via OTA (unless they've only just released it which I doubt).
  6. nmjams

    nmjams Lurker

    I've tried updating using Kies with Windows 7 and an XP machine, each time my phone goes to the download screen i get a pop up message saying the usb device not recognised.

    very distressed ere :mad:

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