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JESURUN ITV04 1080P Full HD Android 2.2 Network Media Player w/ WiFi / Dual USB / SD / LAN / HDMI

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by danieldz7, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. danieldz7

    danieldz7 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I bought this product on DealExtreme [SKU 112761], however the site reports that it has 512RAM, the manual informs 256RAM, where or how I see the amount of RAM the machine?
    Another thing, his android 2.2 firmware is, and I'm having problems with the Netflix application, because it does not work right is a picture frame by frame, so I would know if I can upgrade to a 4 firmware android, android 2.3 or GOOGLE TV?
    If so, where can I download this firmware version tv google android android 2.3 or 4, which I link to download this firmware and UPDATING THIS AS I DO?
    I already made the experience to hold the VOL-remote control over the button to connect the equipment at the same time, and he enters a screen all written in Chinese ...

    Please help me, especially with the up, because with the 2.2 firmware that netflix does not work right ...

    Unless someone has any tips on how to improve the performance of a netflix with android 2.2 ....

    Any help is valid ....

    Information about product:
    The Lord the chip: V6
    Main frequency: 1GHz
    Memory: 256MB
    Storage space: INAND 2GB
    Operating system: android 2.2
    Model number: ABOX
    Device ID: 794CCA4LT002012011220583602
    Kernel version:
    Hardware model number: V782
    BSP version: xingweihu@UC13x_LINUX_BSP_1_4_8_RC0 #2
    Wed Jan 11 15:46:19 CST 2012
    SDK version: UV_ANDROID_FROYO_1_3_4_RC0.ver_1_0.20111227
    UVMEDIA version: UV_HDP_1_4_8_RC0

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  2. MAK1977

    MAK1977 Lurker

    I have same one too
    did u find android v4.0 upgrade firmware for it ?

    best regards
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