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(JOB!) Looking for game developers for an arcade app.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by PLANETXRMG, Nov 21, 2012.


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    Nov 21, 2012

    Nov 21, 2012
    Creative Director at Red Panda Entertainment
    United States
    Red Panda Entertainment is looking for developers!

    Hello android developers! My name is Sam and I'm the Creative Director at Red Panda Entertainment. Currently a small team our company is looking for experienced developers to help us tackle our next big project!

    Note: This project is not very challenging. Though we don't have the manpower to complete it efficiently and in the time frame we desire. Our staff are well rewarded and respected. Yes we have a chain of command but we collaborate equally each of us will put in our very important input on the game design and development to make sure we do things in the best manner possible.

    Perks for this position

    • Experience
    • Recognition
    • Payment
    • Fun!

    By working for us you'll be gaining wonderful experience that will look good on resume's for future employment, and if we find you very well-liked and compatible with our company we may even offer you a full-time job. You can use the project as well towards credit if you're a student.

    You'll be recognized as a developer of a very popular game! Hey what's not to love about success?

    Payment. Okay no one does work for free right? Even with all that above? Yeah we'll offer you a more than exceptional payment for your hard work.

    Fun! If you don't enjoy development then it's not the field for you. It's a very good experience to be able to work with other developers on a project; It increases your skills in teamwork, communication, and the project management process which are all skills companies desperately look for in developers. Not to mention with our small team we offer greater flexibility, more independence, and unlike working for a large company your input matters greatly. So not only will you develop the game, you'll design it too.

    What we're looking for!

    • Java experience
    • Android SDK experience
    • Game Development experience
    • Interest in game development
    • Optimisim
    • Dedication
    • friendliness

    If you feel you meet all those requirements feel free to PM me or make a post below. If you make a great response we'll send you a message and set up a time to talk about the project, position, your experience and past/current employment, etc.

    Note: This is a serious position. We expect people who are capable of developing applications for Android and can work with other people.


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