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Joined to look for satellite dish-aiming assist application

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kenneth558, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. kenneth558

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    Maybe this should be a plug-in to Google Sky:
    As direct satellite transceiving becomes more available to consumers living mobile, living in remote areas, or just being satellite channel surfers, a droid app to facilitate dish aiming would be extremely useful to dish owners.

    I would envision the app would
    - attach to dish via a device that would orient the droid as needed, maybe along the transceiving axis of the dish
    - calculate droid location and orientation from GPS, etc.
    - USB interface to control aiming servo motors and to remotely display virtual sky scene with all known birds and with a crosshair+tolerance circle/box in the center showing real time where dish is aimed.
    - access web to keep its internal list of birds current

    There are many retired people living mobile, many traveling show groups, off-the-grid remote homesteads and communities, marine-based groups whose communication needs urgently require satellite communication. The availability of this app would allow these and their wannabe's to affordably aim their dishes as needed.

    This exact same app would also help telescope viewers to find satellites to observe.

  2. BiGMERF

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    welcome to the forum, glad to have ya aboard!
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  5. RandomSynapse

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    They guys at Dishpointer (http://www.dishpointer.com/) just released an Android app for aiming your dish. They only have a "pro" version right now, and it's a bit spendy, at least for folks that only need to point their dish once. It's not going to control your servomotors and whatnot, but I can see it greatly facilitating re-aiming if you do it frequently. It also gives you an idea of what's possible. Here's a link to it (and a QR code you can scan into your phone):
    DishPointer Pro for Android :: Productivity Application - AndroidZoom.com

    I'm trying to find a less expensive/generic solution, it shouldn't be too hard to find an app that is just an AR (alternate reality) compass / azimuth viewer. The closest I've found so far is this:
    HUD - Beta. It gives you your compass position, horizon, and elevation.
    HUD - Beta for Android :: Entertainment Application - AndroidZoom.com
  6. espowsong

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    In addition,dm800 has large numbers of effective in addition to excellent digital Tv set as well as stereo plans that can be used in order to seize the actual signs effectively.
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    Thanks for bringing this out for discussions as well as great responses!

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