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Aug 30, 2010

JoinMe, PC software developed by ZTE, is available for Android smart phones of ZTE.
With JoinME installed on your PC, you can connect your phone to PC via USB cable, receive & send messages, manage contacts & phone resources, back up data, recover phone system, download apps. they work put you phone when conect phone in pc mode and usb debug enable
Frank the tank reporting for duty... ohh crap wrong place. :beer: :):D

Does this work like the zte update tool? Will this restore the software?
I may be speaking out of line here because I have not used this software, but i doubt it works like the zte tool. I think this one only deals with your /data partition. I don't think you could use it to bring your phone back from the dead or get a system update on your device. Again I am not certain about this it's just my impression after reading their website.
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