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jokes about apple or blackberry.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by KTW, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. KTW

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    well...get humours and give us a joke.

    I'll start:

    an apple a day keeps my doctor away but an iPhone a day keeps an iDiot at bay.

    blackberry is the missing link between telephone and walk talky.

    ...lame!!!!...i know....what can you come up with ?

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  2. zuben el genub

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  4. KTW

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  5. KTW

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  6. KTW

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    its sad that apple advertises its products as fashion accessories and not hard core tech.

    ... does this iPhone make my head look big ?... no what about my thighs ?... no... dose it suit my clothing ?...yes ..i agree... i should were a suit.. ..uh. ..much better.. .ahem.. . "Hi.. .ive got an iPhone 4S". ..na. .. I need to practice a bit.

    later that day, mr apple user goes to a shopping center and greets the employees at T mobile with the intention of showing off.

    Mr apple... Hi.. .I' ve got an iPhone 4S.

    employee.. .yes we've had a lot of problems with those... what seems to be the problem with yours ?
    apple user... uh, nothing, sorry for bothering you.

    employee says in his head: "typical iPhone user"

    later mr apple goes to meet the gardener outside...

    mr apple... Hi.. .ive got an iPhone 4S. ..

    gardener: yeah... hello and I've got an iPhone 5.. .

    mr apple: uh... you have a what ?

    gardener: an iPhone 5.. .AKA Nexus 1

    mr apple: ha!.. .where's the apple logo?!

    gardener: my phone isn't an apple... its the whole tree.

    mr apple: grrrr! (then walks away in defeat)


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