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Joneidy's Sense ROM or REPPARD's CM7.1?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by papichulo916, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. papichulo916

    papichulo916 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    what do you guys think is better? I have Joneidy's right now but thought about flashing the cm7.1...i'm not sure though, any ideas?

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  2. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Android Expert

    the cm7 works great
  3. KrazeeCracker

    KrazeeCracker Android Enthusiast

    i've been debating the same thing lol! but i've been checking the thread everyday and it seems like its faster and has more features!
  4. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Android Enthusiast

    Want to add, both are very good. I'm on CM7 right now and really liking it very much. My first rom was Sense, and I liked that also. :)
  5. vicmarkus

    vicmarkus Member

    Both are great!!! They are the best 2 roms out there, I cannot decide what rom I want so I go back and forth to them via nandroid!!!
  6. Ray305

    Ray305 Well-Known Member

    Both roms are great. The very first rom i flashed was the sense rom and then i flashed reppard's cm7.1 the day it got released and so far it's working great. It hasn't even rebooted by itself since i installed cm7.1.
  7. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Android Enthusiast

    my 2 cents.. i used senserom for a while and loved it... never had an issue with it, very stabel very fast and responsive and maintains all stock features of the phone.. ie; divx and al that plus maintains the stock hidden menus as well and if flashed witht eh r.O.C.K. AnyROM kernel its even better m any thanx and props to joneidy for this. However i am a huge fan of CyanogenMOD, and reppards rom is awesome, many features in CM that i would otherwise need an additional app for, i like how most of the tweaks that you like are built in, plus its the latest version of android 2.3.5 its very fast and stable. So it really just boils down to preference.. the 2 months i used Sense i loved it.. and when i found the GB-CMod7 rom i used it.. it was a beta and had some issues.. but we worked most of them out.. then when reppard built his CM7.1 i switched to it.. its a great rom.. many thanx to reppard for his work.
  8. papichulo916

    papichulo916 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay its set...I'm going to flash to reppards as soon as I get home.
  9. papichulo916

    papichulo916 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i like Joneidy's rom better than reppard's
  10. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Android Enthusiast

    ^^Nothing wrong with that^^ - please share - if you don't mind me asking because when I had Sense I was having reboot problems whenever I went into settings - feel I didn't get to experience ROM to its fullest I guess and may want to try it again in future - TIA :)
  11. jay239

    jay239 Newbie

    I love the look and feel of Joneidys sense rom.. imo the best rom around..
  12. det1726

    det1726 Android Enthusiast

    My personal opinion on the topic is sense is an amazing beginner rom. It's basic and simple but looks and feels amazingly better than stock whereas cm7 is a little more complex, with added features that can be intimidating @ first. Each rom has its own perks and with that said thanks to both reppard and joneidy. I have switched from sense to cm7 once so I could connect my wiimote but switched back cuz battery issues. I switched back to cm7 today for flash so I guess for me I am very comfortable using sense but cm7 supports the more advanced things I choose to pursue. Hope this helps.
  13. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    dont know if you saw but there is new versions, by 3 different devs and the battery issue may be taken care of.
    det1726 likes this.
  14. det1726

    det1726 Android Enthusiast

    I am now using the updated one by reppard and indeed I've noticed a difference. I have really considered switching to the admire but now I have a decent flash ability and 2.3 on my Optimus so I may use the money to preorder nhl12 instead lol
  15. det1726

    det1726 Android Enthusiast

    Plus a few small dev donations if the wife can get over the whole papal will steal her identity thing cuz I don't have a debit card
  16. Crex321

    Crex321 Well-Known Member

    I like the new CM7. But the problem I'm having is my Market, web, and any other app randomly starts to work only with wifi enabled.
  17. det1726

    det1726 Android Enthusiast

    I am doubtful that this was my fix but what I did was after flashing gapps I rebooted into recovery then wiped dalvik cache and the problem was gone.

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