Help jorte calender disappear

jorte cender disappeared

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I have a htc 8 and use jorte ccalender.
All of a sudden all one time events starting from february 2016.
I took no action to make it and it seems to take off only thise from feb.
What shall I do ?


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I'm using Jorte calendar as the background sync to my Google calendar, but I use UpTo as my main display calendar... far better display than Jorte.... but Jorte is way more reliable in syncing up with the cloud.

so far, I have never lost any data....
am I reading correct? that you lost all of your old data prior to February?

if that is so, look into Settings on Jorte... they can be very involved and if IIRC, there is a setting for auto-erase of old events. For me, this is a good thing, for a business person, it is in Bad Form and unthinkable.