Jorte: Sync not working (avoiding standard cal)


1. What I want, is an offline calendar app. So tried Jorte but I cannot sync with it. First of all, I am not using any apps for which I need a google acc. So the standard installed calendar app is not configured atm. When using Jorte I can add events and so on but I cannot use the option select calendars. It's simply gray.
My sync tool (MyPhoneExplorer) seems to somehow sync all thunderbird events to the standard calendar database (true? at least they show up nowhere)
Ok so here's question: How do I sync my events with Jorte?

2. Or do you have any suggestion for a different offline calendar application?

Thank you!!!


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yes I know. I know that life would be much easier with google knowing everything about me. I learned that in the past days :( Still that is not what I want. Any other suggestions?


I have a strange "problem" with the Jorte sync. When I tried to sync it with my Google calendar for the first time it didn't show any events but the last one (all of them were in the past).
After some creating and deleting of events on my Android as well as my PC it seems that Jorte only snycs/shows events that are not finished yet. Is there an option to sync and show those too? I guess there is, but somehow I can't find it.


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What phone do you have? For instance, Samsung has a My Calendar inside the standard calendar app. You have to enable that for a Calendar that is offline, syncs with Outlook via Kies, and can be read by Jorte.