Juice Defender - Email Check Time Intervals, etc.


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Riddle me this...

I use the built in Email client to manage my email accounts (NOT the Gmail app). That said, the built in email client checks for gmail once every 15 minutes, whereas the other email account is attached to an exchange server and works through push, so it's instant.

I also run Juice Defender. From what I understand, JD fires up mobile connectivity every 15 minutes when it's idle to check for new stuff.

In regard to email, what if my email is sending/receiving every 15 minutes but it's offset from when JD allows my phone to connect?


Let's say Juice Defender is allowing my phone to connect at these times:


And my email would check in every 15 minutes as well, but offset from above:


Does that mean I'll never be able to receive email unless I manually push it? Or would my phone sense that Gmail tried to push me an email 5 minutes ago and pull it through?

Does that make sense??


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It makes sense. I used JD for quite a while, and kept it set at every 30 minutes. Stuff was always synced, so once the time to check mail comes around, and it can't because JD has data cut off, it just waits around for data to come back on and checks then.


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Ah, glad someone understood. When I read back what I was trying to say I was like, oh boy...

So just to kind of re-word what you said to make sure I understand, if my email would check in at 5:10, yet JD won't come to it's 15 minute segment until 5:15, then the email would sit pending from 5:10-5:15, at which point at 5:15 it would then activate and pull down the emails accordingly thanks to JD responding at that time.



EDIT - Speaking of which, is there a way to make Gmail act as "push" in the email client? (again, not the gmail app)