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Juice Defender?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sdalby, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. sdalby

    sdalby Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone use Juice Defender on their Evo Shift? I installed it right away on my first one, but I think for today I am going to have no battery saver option and see how long it lasts. Does anyone else use any battery saving apps?

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  2. Tockets

    Tockets Newbie

    I went two days without a charge with Juice Defender, But it says in the app it only increased my battery life by 1.03%

    Meh, not sure either way how I feel about it to be honest.
  3. Delvar

    Delvar Newbie

    Iv been using Green Power and its doing wonders for me.
  4. zombiepete

    zombiepete Newbie

    I don't use it, and I easily get through the day. I used it on my OG EVO and it usually added an hour or two to my battery life, but it's really not an issue. Love this phone.
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  5. lunavista

    lunavista Newbie

    Two techs@ Sprint Advanced Tech Support have told me not to use batt savers/ATK on this phone. I got rid of mine & am having no problems w/batt life. Personally, I think the automatic updates (on any app) might be an entry point for malware/spyware. Just call me Mr. Conspiracy.
  6. zombiepete

    zombiepete Newbie

    I understand recommending not to use task killers, but I don't see what the harm would be with Juice Defender. It just dynamically manages your radios and stuff. One feature I really thought was cool was location-based wifi management. I miss that.

    It's just not necessary on the Shift the way it was with the OG EVO.
  7. biglebronski

    biglebronski Lurker

    My experience with Juice Defender on the first Evo:

    Juice defender is a fantastic tool, and you don't really have to use it to "kill" tasks/apps. I've found the most useful setting is to automatically turn off internet connectivity while the screen is turned off. This keeps apps from pulling data in the background while you're not using the device, thus keeping the battery from dying when you're not using the device. You can set it up to connect for a specified amount of time every so often if you need to, so you're not missing important emails and such.

    With Juice Defender, I'm using 0% to 1% percent battery life per hour while the screen is asleep. When I wake up the screen, about 2% is used syncing data for various apps. Without Juice Defender, the phone was using about 8% to 10% of battery life per hour while I wasn't even using the phone.
  8. sig sauer

    sig sauer Member

    I prefer Green Power free. It's smaller & less intrusive.
  9. Toyic

    Toyic Newbie

    That's the feature I love about it. It's amazing not having the phone use much battery at all when I don't use it. My old pre would waste 5-10% an hour, making it mandatory to put it on airplane mode until I was actually using it.

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