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Juicy Drop Pop: Don't stop, make the candy POP

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ViMAP Game, Feb 12, 2016.

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    We are a professional game studio with 13 published games on Google Play and
    200k+ installs so far. We've recently released a new game that helps
    200k+ users relieve stress by having fun: Juicy Drop Pop https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vimapgamestudio.juicydroppop

    In Juicy Drop Pop it is cloudy with a chance of candy! Enter a world where candy falls from the sky and pop as many gum-balls as needed to fulfill your cravings for sweets. Match at least 3 jelly beans, gumballs or candy drops and pop them to increase your score. Earn boosters to help you advance faster through the levels and try to achieve mastery with a 3-star rating for each level.

    Main features:

    - Easy gameplay. All sorts of sweets fall from the sky and you must tap on 3 or more gumballs of the same type to pop them and achieve the level goal.

    You have a limited number of moves so plan carefully your next pop.

    - Cute bubbly graphics. The graphics are fine tuned to make you crave for the in-game candy. From colorful backgrounds and realistic wobbly physics to an upbeat soundtrack, Juicy Drop Pop brings the candy experience to a whole new level.

    - Hundreds of hours of play. 60 different levels that increase in difficulty exponentially offer hours of fun play. Each level has a star rating so you can replay them until you get a maximum of 3 stars. Don't give up, make it POP!

    - Candy boosters. No two levels are the same, each comes with a different setting and more difficult. Luckily you'll unlock power-ups that blow-up dozens of gumballs or let you smash individual ones.

    Juicy Drop Pop is more than a simple candy popping game, it is a stress reliever. Between the fun gameplay, cute graphics and joyful music you'll feel refreshed and ready for any challenges.

    The game is available for free on Google Play:


    It would be great if during a break you'd see how fast playing Juicy Drop Pop would reduce your stress level - even better if you'd write-up a review and share it with your readers. If you need anything (i.e. promo codes) just drop us an email.

    Thank you.

    ViMAP Game Studio

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