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Jump off, or jump in with both feet?

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by Texter, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Texter

    Texter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I could save about $110 per month if I signed a new two agreement with tmo. With all the ATT talk, can't decide, since there is a $200 per line ($800 total in my case) to back out prior to 2 years. I'm out of contract now and like it that way.

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  2. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    I'm on the 4G Monthly $50/mo plan. First 100mb at 4G speeds then throttled to unlimited 2G speed. It doesn't bother me surprisingly. I mostly use web and apps for Facebook, Twitter, etc. I don't watch YouTube on my phone because I never really cared to. Prefer my laptop for that. Unlimited talk and text. I'm happy.

    They also offer the 4G Monthly $70/mo plan for unlimited talk, text and 2GB data @ 4G speeds. Better for those for heavy web users and YouTubers. Even the $70/mo plan is cheaper than my $115/mo unlimited everything plan with Verizon. I will NEVER sign another contract again!
  3. John Jason

    John Jason Android Enthusiast

    I get unlimited talk, text and data for $70 on a prepaid plan. I've used up to 4.5 GB of data and was never throttled. And I bought my phone on Craig's List, so I have no contract obligations. Service is excellent and they have rolled out HSPA+ 42 in my city (although I need a new phone to take advantage of it). I couldn't be happier with T-Mobile. And if the AT&T buyout does go through, I'm pretty confident I'll be grandfathered.
  4. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    I think once I've had this job for awhile and once I pay off my credit card, I might upgrade to the $70/mo plan. The biggest reason I came back to T-Mobile is I can buy multiple phones and switch between them whenever I feel like it :D

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