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Junker Pizza Delivery

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Tweety1981, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Tweety1981

    Tweety1981 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey all!

    I'm a developer, and you like some feedbacks on my new game 'Junker Pizza Delivery'

    I have a short video on YouTube to view (no words, just screenshots)


    the game is not really completed. It is fully playable, and as I know, free of major bugs. I am in the process of fixing my loading code (takes about 30 seconds now... disgusting, I know, but it will be better...), and adding game features like a shop to use tip monies to buy car upgrades.

    All feedback would be good.

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  2. Phoenix Zero

    Phoenix Zero Member

    First thing I noticed was the controls. Definitely, definitely, definitely work on those because from what I could tell from the video, even you couldn't keep full control of the vehicle. It looks promising but still needs work in terms of gameplay. Traffic, environment variation, pedestrians, etc.
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  3. Tweety1981

    Tweety1981 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the feedback Phoenix!

    Yes, the controlls can be an issue. I have tamed down the center of the controll area since the video, and it does act a bit better. I wanted the game to work for older Android systems that people still have which only allow single touch, and all those devices that don't have a keyboard.... the 'cross control' is what I came up with. It works great on the emulator, but the hardward is another story... I've thought about scrapping the whole system and moving to the 'Actuator', making you rotate the phone like a steering wheel. That would require me obtaining new test hardware (another story).... What the hey, i'll do it!

    As to the extras, like people, traffic, and stuff, That has been in the plans from the beginning. I want you to be able to smash stuff, and watch it fly. The Physics there are prooving to be a challenge. I almost gave up on the idea. I will continue on the advice.
  4. daveoneeighty

    daveoneeighty Newbie

    What if for controls you had semi-transparent arrows on all four sides of the screen. The current control layout is very off putting in my opinion. That way you allow more screen real estate for the actual game.
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  5. Tweety1981

    Tweety1981 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey Daveon! Thanks for the thoughts!

    I considered that, but thought your finger would get in the way of the screen. Sure the view would be bigger, but obstructed. That's why I pushed it to the bottom.

    It doesn't matter anyway. Setting the controlls for turning on the touch was a bad idea to begin with. It is hard to control off the bat(or even for the first week or three). Over Difficulty controlling is a number one game killer.

    With that in Mind!

    I just released a version with the new control method. The old one is still selectable, but the new one is much nicer. It is a Landscape View, where you turn the phone like a steering wheel. The control cross is still on the screen, but it is much smaller, and off to the right. It still controls the gas and brake. I left a sliver on the left side for future controlls I will be adding, and the 'view change' button is there. Alot more of the screen is 'playview' this way, and it is more controlable. I'll make a new video and post it up(may take some time...)
  6. Tweety1981

    Tweety1981 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Oh, yeah, I fixed the loading time. Now less than 4 seconds on the emulator.

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