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Just a few moments while we prepare this application for use...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by boofer, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. boofer

    boofer Member
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    I recently started getting this loading screen that freezes up my phone for up to 10 seconds, where even the back and home buttons do nothing. It comes out of nowhere, while using any application (texting, chrome, anything) and I think it happens when I'm backing out of the app to return to my home screen.


    I haven't installed anything in the past few weeks but this started only a day or so ago. Anyone have any ideas?

    Apps that I have installed:

    animgif LWP2
    barcode scanner
    battery widget
    beautiful widgets
    ES file explorer
    google play music/etc
    mx player
    nova launcher (perhaps this is the culprit?)
    phone info
    pixlr express
    reddit sync
    simple calendar widget
    simple text
    speed test
    swype beta 1.4

    I suppose I might start uninstalling apps one by one every day until it stops...?

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  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    Or,you could boot into 'safe mode' & then open each of these apps one by one until you find the culprit.
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  3. Harry2

    Harry2 Extreme Android User

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  4. Has anyone learned anything more about this? The only apps I have in common with the OP are the standard Google ones, and I *think* this only started after the latest system update. Is there any chance it could be some kind of new OS-level thing? The "Just a few moments..." message has popped up for me even in OS components like the apps list, but given that so few others seem to be experiencing it, I remain suspicious. :(
  5. Titaniac

    Titaniac Well-Known Member

    Happens to me as well. Just came up within seconds after reboot. In fact, it was preparing sdcard for use (I don't think that they are connected - this is just to give you an idea of how fast). Nothing running programs and I don't have my phone set up for the hand-swipe screen capture. While this is happening, the phone is totally useless - no home key, andmenu bbutton, or back button. LOCKED.

    I too am getting suspicious.
  6. DesertLady

    DesertLady Lurker

    On this forum the query about this weird message is now a year old, and I don't see any answer to it. I never saw it before recently (last few months at most) but am getting it a couple times each of the last couple days so far. Hoping someone knows something about this. Tks.
    (No longer have Samsung. Using Motorola Razr)
  7. Radiospotz

    Radiospotz Lurker

    This started occurring two weeks ago on my tab S3 tablet, and it is such a nuisance. I'm so surprised after a few years that it is still occurring and no one has come up with a solution or answer.
  8. “Just a few moments while we prepare this application for use” kept popping up in a window on my phone. Then, a second window would pop up with “error code 1001” and instructions to call a Verizon customer service number. Using ADB on a PC (shout out to Techyard), and 2 apps on my phone with a USB cord to connect the phone to the PC, I was able to successfully fix this on my unrooted phone (not a Samsung, but could have been). This problem started for me about a week ago, but I have seen posts where the problem remains unresolved going back several years. I have been using this phone for about 2 years with so-so service and some service hiccups that I always thought could be fixed.

    By the way, Verizon isn't my service provider. I had noticed through a cleaning app on my phone that certain Verizon apps were always loading themselves into my phone memory, such as Verizon Locator. But my phone doesn't use a Verizon SIM card, nor do I have a Verizon account. Something happened about a week ago that these apps didn't like.

    I used this 8-step solution on an HTC One M8 phone and my Windows 10 machine and with a USB cord to connect them, as you will ultimately control this fix from the PC end. I bought the phone supposedly ready for use on my cellular network, but it always had traces of Verizon on it, and I could never uninstall those system apps. This phone has always had strange problems that affected its ability to hold onto a GPS signal, making it annoying to use while driving. It also stuttered when playing a video while traveling, forcing me to only use the included system Video app. This solution seems to have fixed all of these problems.

    (1) Use a phone cleaning tool to tell you what is running in phone memory and find the bad system apps. In my case, any app in memory with the words Verizon or VZW in it were bad. I used Clean Master and chose Phone Boost to see apps running. There I saw a few Verizon system apps that I suspected were creating the pop-up problem. BUT, these are SYSTEM apps, and could not be uninstalled like a normal app using an unrooted phone. I had to do surgery. That is where ADB comes in.

    (2) Use a good file explorer program on the cell phone to get the package names of the bad system apps. You probably have your favorite. I happened to have ES File Explorer Pro already on this phone and it did the trick. On the phone using the ES File Explorer app, I went to the apps list and on the dropdown that defaulted to User Apps, I selected SYSTEM apps. For each of my suspects, I went into the detailed information and found the package name, which looks like a URL.

    Take note of the exact PACKAGE NAME for each bad system app. You will use that next in ADB. Put the package names into a text window if you can so you can cut and paste them one at a time precisely.

    (3) On phone, make sure Developer Options are enabled, and turn on USB debugging.

    (4) Install and use ADB. Feel free to watch Techyard’s video from this point and follow their directions. Big thank you to them for creating this nifty application. You will run ADB as an administrator through Windows Powershell. You will connect the phone and PC, and then go into a special shell language in ADB to remove the programs from the phone. On my phone, the uninstaller actually doesn't delete the apps, but it made it so they do not load which is fine. You must run the command once for each of the apps you need to remove. I will continue below explaining this for those who think like me - a user.

    If you haven’t prayed or backed up your phone lately, now might be the time for that.

    (5) Download ADB from the link provided by Techyard onto your PC.


    On your PC, extract the ADB files, and go to the location of the ADB command.

    Copy the file location of those extracted files into memory or write it down, you will need it below.

    On PC, Run Windows Powershell as an administrator. ADB runs in Powershell.

    (6) Tell the phone and the PC to like each other. Connect USB cord that allows the phone and PC to talk to each other. If it is a good cord for this, the phone should ask you what USB mode it should be in, so tell them to talk to each other. Hopefully you chose wisely.

    You need to be in the folder on your computer where the ADB files are extracted. In PC’s Powershell window, Type


    and paste the file location from step 5. You should be in the folder with the ADB program. Type:

    ./ADB devices

    PC should say something happy about the phone. Check your phone. Phone should ask if it should give permission which you should. Phone and PC should now like each other and the PC can edit things on the phone.

    (7) On PC, you will start ADB shell mode. In Powershell, type:

    ./ADB shell

    You should get a $ prompt. Hurray! Pat yourself on the back and keep that window open. Note that in Techyard's video, they did not use ./ in front of commands. On my system, I used ./ as the PC itself instructed.

    (8) You are now going to delete the bad system apps on your phone. Type carefully, you are in the guts of your phone right now.

    For each system app you want to remove, take note of its PACKAGE NAME exactly from step 2, and type into the ADB shell (that $ prompt):


    You will type this command in the ADB shell once for EACH bad app, one at a time. After you run the uninstall for each PACKAGE NAME, it should tell you it was successful, if it doesn’t, it wasn’t – check your spelling and make sure your package name was exactly correct. After you have removed all the offending system apps, reboot your phone and see if the pop ups go away. For my phone, the apps still show as existing on the phone in ES File Explorer, but they don’t load, as confirmed by Clean Master. If you are still having the pop ups, use Clean Master on your phone again and look for further suspicious apps that are loaded in memory when the pop ups occur.

    Shout out to Techyard for making this solution possible!
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